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Panera Bread bakery-cafes bring the tradition of freshly baked artisan bread to neighborhoods in cities throughout the country. Panera Bread uses only the highest-quality ingredients and bakes fresh items every day. Find Panera Bread locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Panera Bread

Panera Bread in Newnan, GA


By michele a.

They are wonderful there. I am on a diet and cant have sugar or high sodium breads and they took the time to make sure I was getting what the doctor ordered. Plus they have wonderful soup. I will start going here for daily lunches and have co workers do the same. Thank you for being so friendly and caring about your customers.

Panera Bread in Framingham, MA


By Alacrino D.

A Panera bread is always a Panera bread. But these guys stand out because they're friendly and service oriented. Somehow I seem to enjoy my meals there more than in other place because of their attentive service! Thank you guys!

Panera Bread in McKinney, TX


By Alison C.

I absolutely love eating at Panera Bread. All of their bread is baked fresh daily and they also have breakfast items like bagels and muffins as well as iced lattes. I love Panera Bread because it there food is always fresh and I know it is good for me. They have numerous choices for soups (which I love getting in a bread bowl), salads, and sandwhiches. The people that work there are very friendly and the atmosphere is high quality with nice chairs and large dining tables for groups. This is one of my favorite restaurants!

Panera Bread in Superior, AZ


By Clorinda S.

Loved their BREAD! I took my 2 kids - ages 5 & 7 and they ate ALL of their food and some of mine. they got kids meals that come with a tube of yogart and a drink. I got a 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad and the salad was HUGE!!! I will go back everytime I can! Seems really healthy too.

Panera Bread in Las Vegas, NM


By Jaime B.

I like the decor even if it's a bit dated. I usually like the employees; mostly good people, just needing a paycheck before they move on to better. Panera has mediocre food at premium prices. "WHAT?", you say. Yeah, that's right. The majority of the food they sell comes in frozen and ready to go after it's portioned. The meat is frozen, all of the soups are frozen. There isn't any scratch cooking going on at ANY Panera store. OK , you pound your fist and say, "but the bread, the BREAD is fresh and they make it every day...right?" Well, kinda. ALL of the dough is mass produced in various factories around the country. The factories portion the dough and place it into containers that are then shipped daily to the stores. The Panera "Baker" in the store proofs, scores and tops the different doughs and then bakes them. There you go, mass produced dough baked fresh daily. You know, just like Subway. How about all those pastries? They come in all ready MADE, frozen in cardboard boxes. Just thaw, proof, bake and there you go, FRESH pastry! Are you getting it yet? Panera is a concept built on illusions, half truths and a gullible public audience that wants to believe. But, it's a healthy menu at least...right? OMG, please check out their own nutritional information on their corp. site. You won't want to believe what they tell you...They have to be honest the government says so. Here's but on example: Chicken Caesar Sandwich; calories- 720 for less than 14 ounces of food but, that's a blessing because you don't need more than the 1270mg of sodium you're already getting. Don't believe me? Or is it just a little hard to believe? No problem, here's the link to Panera you check it out. Avoid this CHAIN concept and support a local business. A local business doesn't send 5-10% of it's sales out of our state like the Panera franchise. It's healthier for you and our local economy

Panera Bread in Bohemia, NY


By Stephanie V.

Our 5 year old son LOVES the chicken salad. If you want fast healthy wholesome food Panera bread is the place to go! The soups are great, the sandwiches are fantastic and the salads are wonderful! AWESOME! PROS: AMAZING FOOD! CONS: sometimes no seats available

Panera Bread in Conshohocken, PA


By sharon k.

I recently won a business card luncheon for five from the Conshohocken Panera and I can't tell you what a pleasant experience it was for myself and my co-workers. Pete did a wonderful job from start to finish. Not only was the food delicious and plentiful, the presentation was outstanding. If you have never experienced Panera, put it on your TO DO list. You won't be disappointed! My family and I are frequent visitors to Panera but it was a new experience for many of my co-workers and I know for a fact that you will be seeing all of them in the future. Thanks Pete for making this such a memorable experience. Sharon (Beneficial Bank)

Panera Bread in Escondido, CA


By Mehrshad B.

Great food & service, a fine place for me to study & dine. If you like Panera Bread as much as I do, you would definitely love this location. 5 stars all around. PROS: Food, Atmosphere CONS: none

Panera Bread in Chevy Chase, MD


By Keilee H.

I went there to get a sandwich and it was delicious. Their pastries and of course their bread are excellent. I will go there again!

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