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Papa Johns in Crosby, TX


By Chellsey L.

Ok place to go-My mom used to play dart here and go here for tournaments but the place is very small and its gets busy! overall bar is ok just needs to be bigger!

Papa Johns in Pasadena, CA


By G M.

I've learned too many lessons that I've given up on this store. I gave up on placing orders with this restaurant over the phone. The language barrier is such that I feel it pointless to try to communicate with them over the phone. I began placing my orders online to avoid the phone calls and the need to repeat myself numerous times only to have them struggle to understand me and mess up on the order. My most recent online order has me swearing to never order from this restaurant again. The email confirmation stated 30 to 40 minutes. I called the restaurant at 1 hour, 10 minutes to find out the status - was told it would be here in five minutes. Twenty minutes later, the pizza STILL wasn't here. This time around, the "manager" was on the phone with me. He reminded me more than once that I have other options for delivery. The words "I'm sorry for the delay" never once came out of his mouth. The delivery guy showed up at 9:15 - two hours after I ordered. Beyond unacceptable. I refused the pizza. He looked at me, puzzled, and asked why I was refusing the pizza. I answered that he was two hours late and I didn't want the pizza. He still looked puzzled. I closed the door on him. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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