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What Insiders are Saying about Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Hanover Park, IL


By Matt A.

Can get a one topping large pizza for around $5.00 Enough to fill up my family which consists of two adults and a child. Heating directions are simple and cheaper than a store bought frozen pizza.

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Watauga, SD


By Helpful I.

The other review misses the mark. Sure, Papa Murphy's is similar in price to the other chains, but the quality is well above and beyond the other guys and the quantity of toppings is much greater. As for cooking it yourself, it works if you want a fresh pizza, not something that sat in some body's passenger seat while they stopped at three other houses before they got to yours.

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Wheat Ridge, CO


By Lade M.

They have the best pizza here.I love taking my pizza home, and baking it in my own oven in my own home. I think that is just the best way to get your pizza!

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Henderson, AR


By Karen B.

I find this is one of my favorite Papa Murphys. Very clean and organized with a competent staff. The parking lot is easy in and out. I've ordered 5 times and had 5 successful trips. Good Job!! PROS: Affordable Fresh Made Pizzas CONS: none

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Santee, CA


By Jen B.

I must say, papa murphy's makes it super easy for me! I can call in and order it as I am leaving work, pick it up on the way home, and go home and bake the pizza... it literally is ready within like 20 minutes... super easy... plus it gives my house this awesomely good smell of outstanding pizza!

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in San Bruno, CA


By monica j.

I got pizza from Papa Murphys once I must say the pizza is great but I guess I just like having the pizza made and ready to eat. The prices are kinda expensive.

Papa Murphys Take N Bake Pizza in Lacey, WA


By Kathy G.

Looking for someting quick for dinner? Papa Murphy's is a great choice. Becuase my family likes different types of pizza we are able to get what everyone likes at a great price. I usually have coupons from previous purchases to make it more affordable. I think as long as your have access to an oven its an easy way to make the family feel like your eatting fast food but still have it at home. Driving home with cold fast food just isn't the same as having it fresh and hot. PROS: Great prices, friendly staff, lots of parking CONS: lots of left overs if the kids aren't really hungry

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