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What Insiders are Saying about Payless ShoeSource

Payless ShoeSource in Marietta, GA


By Lonni D.

For a good selection of shoes at can't be beat prices, go no further. If you are looking for the ultimate quality or latest style- you may want to go elsewhere. But for the family on a budget, this is a good place. Little to no selection for those with narrow feet, though.

Payless ShoeSource in Haverhill, MA


By Colleen S.

I have shopped here for my daughter since she has been born. The selection is great, and the shoes are very easy to get off and on a child. The children's section is brightly decorated and fun. Some staff members will come and measure your child's foot for you which is a plus.

Payless ShoeSource in Schaumburg, IL


By So B.

I'm all about saving a buck or two but I will never purchase a pair of shoes from here again. The shoes are uncomfortable and left blisters on my feet. Their prices have also gone up alot since the past. I must say that their shoe styles have improved and they do offer some nice sales. I don't recommend getting a pair of shoes here if you are looking for comfort though.

Payless ShoeSource in Grand Prairie, TX



Payless is the ONLY shoe store where I can purchase a shoe, take it out the box, and wear it the SAME day w/o extremem pain & discomfort to my feet! The styles are on a par w/the current trends & of course, the prices are the best. Someone once told me these are the same shoes as those sold by the major shoe stores.

Payless ShoeSource in Littleton, CO


By Ken J.

this store is very organized and clean. The workers walk around and are always putting tried on shoes back on the shelves to help the new customers. The store is is very clean.

Payless ShoeSource in Houston, TX


By C A.

I love to take the granddaughter to this store. Needless to say we always find more than we need to buy, but it is fun. They have great sales and have very friendly service. PROS: These shoes are made for walking! CONS:

Payless ShoeSource in Irvine, CA


By Charlene C.

As if the prices weren't low enough, I always find sales that enable me to afford more than a single pair, or more than 2 even. Shoes require breaking in, but for the prices I think it's worth it. They're not primarily brand name, but who's going to read the insoles of your shoe, anyways?

Payless ShoeSource in Paramus, NJ


By Maxine R.

This Payless is located in the Paramus Park Mall just outside Sears. They have lots of shoe styles in many sizes including kids. They are almost always having a sale and the line at checkout is not usually too long.

Payless ShoeSource in Voorhees, NJ


By G L.

I like this Payless ShoeSource because of their good quality shoes, which are available at prices so low, you'll be shocked. They have all the latest styles, most priced below $30! And they sell accessories too! The staff are very pleasant and accommodating. I don't have any reason to hate them. The deals you find here are excellent. I mean, where else can you find dancing tap shoes for $16 that are stylish? And in such a convenient and friendly environment? I love it here! As the name says, they specialize in reasonably priced shoes. I think it is the quality you get for these rock-bottom prices that makes this store special. Cool deals, great stuff!

Payless ShoeSource in San Diego, CA


By Laura D.

I think this store is great,they have a lot of nice shoes, and really soft, comfy socks. but if you wanted to buy sneakers, i wouldn't because they make your feet stink very bad.

Payless ShoeSource in San Francisco, CA


By Lisa H.

Payless is a store where you can buy a pair of shoes for a very cheap price. You can find many shoes from Payless, however, the only thing wrong with them is that they are generic brands. However, if you just need a new pair of shoes (not tennis shoes-boots, heels), this is a good place to shop if you don't want to spend a lot of money on them.

Payless ShoeSource in Renton, WA


By Lorraine L.

This is a great place to buy your shoes espeically If you're into expensive designer shoes. This store has the knock-off for half-the-price and they offer a great variety.

Payless ShoeSource in Washington, D.C.


By Jinny F.

We went to the Payless to find tap and ballet shoes for our 5 year old grand daughter. The selection was excellent and the staff was very helpful. A totally successful trip.

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