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What Insiders are Saying about Pep Boys

Pep Boys in Marietta, GA


By Drew R.

I called ahead to ask about getting a battery put into my car. The guy on the phone seemed friendly at the time and asked would I like to make an appointment. I said sure I'll be there in about 30 minutes. When I got there the woman at the desk was rude, suggested that I should come back another day. kept stressing that they didn't have enough people working and at first didn't even attempt to check my appointment. THEN she yelled across the store to another employee, confirming that some people were about to go home. She made jokes with a coworker about my being there and sang "mamma said they'll be days like this"?? What? Finally after nearly two hours and other people getting helped before me, my car keys where placed at the counter with a man who said to his coworker "i'll get to it when I get to it." Yes he really said that. And then I walked up to him and said those are my keys. He repeated to me directly, Okay, I'll get to you when I get to you". Turns out he was the guy who took my appointment in the first place. Sad. I asked for a manager and told him what was happening, but he seemed to be a manager of one area of the store and not over the people at the desk. He was nice and said sorry, he would pass it on to their manager. I have a hard time with the attitudes I received. This was a very bad experience, especially when you are going to spend money somewhere. This store is very close to my home, but I will go across town before I use them again.

Pep Boys in Raynham, MA


By Chad B.

Pep Boys has everything that you could need for your car or truck. They have good customer service and their employees will help you if you have any questions on anything. They have good prices. I prefer this pep boys over the one in seekonk just because their customer service is better.

Pep Boys in Melrose Park, IL


By Mary A.

This is a great Pep Boys. My fiance brings his truck here all the time to get work done on his company truck. I usually am with him and see how nice the workers are and how quickly they try to get you in and out. It's really a great place!

Pep Boys in Denver, CO


By John H.

I brought my daughter's car in to the store to buy her a set of tires. The car was sporting a donut spare when it came in. We selected the tires from what was shown on the screen and were told that the car would be ready in an hour and 15 minutes. We returned at that time and were told it would be another hour. We then went shopping and received a call about an hour later saying that they had none of that size tire in stock and to come and pick up the car. We returned to the store after three and a half hours to find that here car had been gone through. The center console was still open and her personal belongings were strewn all over the car. The glove box was completely rearranged. There was no reason for this as there was no security lug nor did any tire ever get removed from the car. I confronted the gentleman at the service counter and was told it wasn't his problem because he didn't work on that car. I found this attitude to be completely unprofessional.

Pep Boys in Pasadena, CA


By Frances P.

Great selection, decent prices. What I like the best is that the staff is so knowledgable and always so helpful. When I'm not sure of exactly what I need, they are ready to help.

Pep Boys in Las Vegas, NM


By Kathy M.

I went to Pepboys today about a possible oil leak. I got help right away. The put my car up to see underneath and too look for any oil leaks. They even checked my air filter. I bought two cans of oil and an air filter and they put it all in with no charge. Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly. I would trust my car with these guys. Thanks again to Daniel Jasoni and his staff for all their care. Kathy

Pep Boys in Inglewood, CA


By Christopher T.

Took my chevy cobalt in to get the A/C checked. They told me what the problem was and handled some other issues with my car pro bono. Really appreciated the service.

Pep Boys in Lake Grove, NY


By J J T.

Pep Boys are always clean and have good help The prices are excellent and their warranty is great too I have used the lifetime warranty on parts frequently

Pep Boys in Bensalem, PA


By Eileen H.

I had work done at the Street Road Bensalem PA. Pep Boys on Sept.20th and wanted to comment on the Service Manager on duty that day. His name was Martin Roberts and I wanted to let Pep Boys know that he is an asset to the company. His attitude was awesome to all who came to the counter. I was a Customer Service Supervisor for Merrill Lynch in a Call Center for 6 yrs and was impressed by his friendliness and attention to each customer that approached the desk. I do go to that location for car maintenance whenever needed. Mr. Roberts was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with and deserves recognition for a Job Well Done. When you are on the frontline of the dept. it is the first impression that can change the way a person feels about coming back to do business with the company. Congratulations to Mr. Martin Roberts for a great expierence.

Pep Boys in Oceanside, CA


By Sasja T.

I absolutely love the guys at Pep Boys on Mission. They provide outstanding high quality work at very reasonable prices. While my boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan, they even allowed me to continue using his military discount!! I've brought my car in to be serviced for a range of things, anything from a high mileage oil change to replacing a front axel. I honestly do not trust anyone else with my car. Not only that, but they're honest! I received a quote from a VW dealership for over $2500 worth of maintenance work on my 2003 Jetta. Worried, I brought it in to Pep Boys. They told me the repairs wouldn't need to be made for at least another 25,000 miles!! It's not often that you can find a mechanic these days that provides fantastic work, at reasonable prices, and is honest with you!

Pep Boys in San Jose, CA


By Jimmy N.

I have taken my car to Pep Boys a couple of times to fix minor things replacing a burned out brake light. Quick service, not much waiting, low cost. I am just about to go in for another service soon. I highly recommend Pep Boys for auto service if needed.

Pep Boys in Puyallup, WA


By carlis n.

lots of good specials and goes way over most of the other available parts stores and good prices. they can also do the car repairs for you. as a side note their technician did say my car was almost out of oil which I knew was a lie since I had checked it before I arrived there to have it scanned for an intermitant check engine light.

Pep Boys in Baltimore, MD


By Christy R.

I'm one of those females that know nothing about cars. I had a great experience with pepboys I was in and out they were very friendly. The store carries anything you could want for your car they have great prices. I would highly recommend this place I always come back. They did a great job on my brakes at a very decent price. They never try and talk me into other things that could be wrong with my car like some other places.

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