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What Insiders are Saying about Pep Boys

Pep Boys in Plano, IA


By Jeff W.

When you use Pep Boys in Plano on Spring Creek don't let the rep named Mike in the repair dept help you, he will try to sell you everything. He must think everyone is rich, now Chris on the other hand is very nice and helpful. He understands today's economy and will be honest with you with what your car needs. Mike acts like he works on commission, reminds me of a used car salesman. Company is good, Mike is the bad apple!

Pep Boys in Las Vegas, NM


By Kathy M.

I went to Pepboys today about a possible oil leak. I got help right away. The put my car up to see underneath and too look for any oil leaks. They even checked my air filter. I bought two cans of oil and an air filter and they put it all in with no charge. Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly. I would trust my car with these guys. Thanks again to Daniel Jasoni and his staff for all their care. Kathy

Pep Boys in San Jose, CA


By Jimmy N.

I have taken my car to Pep Boys a couple of times to fix minor things replacing a burned out brake light. Quick service, not much waiting, low cost. I am just about to go in for another service soon. I highly recommend Pep Boys for auto service if needed.

Pep Boys in Baltimore, MD


By Christy R.

I'm one of those females that know nothing about cars. I had a great experience with pepboys I was in and out they were very friendly. The store carries anything you could want for your car they have great prices. I would highly recommend this place I always come back. They did a great job on my brakes at a very decent price. They never try and talk me into other things that could be wrong with my car like some other places.