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What Insiders are Saying about Pep Boys

Pep Boys in Duluth, GA


By Matt B.

I went with a slow leak in my tire due to a screw being stuck in the tread. I had read a review that said this Pep Boys over-charges for needless repairs, but I thought I would give it a try. After 45 minutes they gave me an estimate for a $600 repair!!! They told me they couldn't repair the tire because the nail was in the sidewall. However the screw was clearly in the tread almost 2 inches from the side of the tire! They said they can't just put on one new tire, that I would need to get four new tires (and additional repairs). I said "No thanks!" and I went around the corner to NTB (National Tire and Batery). Without saying anything about PEP Boys to the NTB mechanic, I asked him to take a look. He saw the screw and said, "Yeah that's repairable, it's not in the sidewall." He then said I would need some new front tires soon but the rear tires looked fine." $15 versus over $600 - You be the judge...

Pep Boys in Richardson, TX


By George B.

This location is outstanding. Manuel had a excellent price on the battery I needed for my Ford Crown Victoria. The battery was replaced in about 15 minutes, and my walk in/out time was about 40 minutes. I also bought windshield wiper blades, and they changed out the old ones, At No Charge!

Pep Boys in Lakewood, CA


By S G.

If you go to this Pep Boys shop you are crazy. Had a charging problem. took it in - they charge $14.95 for charging system evaluation. ok no problem. Found altenator was not producing full voltage - ok. $196 for the part and $100 to put it in ( sits on top of the motor) - while taking it apart, they found the belt tensioner had no spring in it? ( how was it holding the belt tight?) needed to be replace - ok. Anyhow after having my car over night and in their shop for what would 12hours of their shop time. I get a call it is ready and will be $492.00 REALLY? well to find out the tensioner and install was a bit more than the $70.00 for part and installation I was quoted. - they ended up through fancy accounting to get my total with all their shop fees to $396. I paid it and left. got home and was looking over the bill and was charged $9.99 for brake inspection. I called Pep Boys customer relations. explained what had happened - they did this work - charged me all this money - did 3 evaluations on my car including a $9.99 brake inspection,,, and never once give me results of any of them. Few hours later, manager or something from Pep Boys calls and will refund my $9.99 and will give me my results..... SO - they did something to my car for $9.99, they want me to spend $5 in gas to get there, 45 mins of my time,,,, and they will be happy to refund my $9.99 ,sure

Pep Boys in Huntington Park, CA



I love visiting Pep Boys they always have whatever I need for my car. The customer service is very good. I have been to this place many times and I have never been disappointed. The store is always nice and clean and very well organized. I would recommend Pep Boys.

Pep Boys in Philadelphia, PA


By beyma s.

this is the wrong number for this location at bustleton ave please do not call.........................................................................

Pep Boys in Vista, CA


By William S.

I'm very pleased with the outstanding service and down to earth reasonable prices at Cox Auto Service. The owner,Alex, was so friendly and most refreshing of all... honest! I had taken my 97 Ford Ranger to 2 different garages before finding Cox and they both gave me bogus diagnostics and quoted me outrageous prices. After reading glowing reviews about Cox Auto Service online, I decided to go see for myself. I'm glad I did because I saved hundreds of dollars on unneccessary repairs. I'll be going to Cox Auto Service for all my mechanical needs and maintenance from now on. Thanks Alex, it really was a pleasure doing business with you and my wallet thanks you too!

Pep Boys in Baltimore, MD


By Patricia L.

Took in vehicle with squeek & rattle in front end. Suspected wheel bearing (squeek). Technician adjusted bakes & told me that I needed lower ball joints replaced. They also lost the key for my wheel locks. They do not do the repair needed, so I had to take it somewhere else. The place I took it to said the ball joints were fine, but the Pitman arm was in very bad shape. PROS: They do good with tires & brakes. CONS: Do not let them tell you anything about front end parts.