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What Insiders are Saying about Petco

Petco in Douglasville, GA


By Lisa W.

I've been thinking about finding a place to write a review of the Douglasville, GA Petco for some time now. I not only find what I need for my cats and the store is always clean and well-organized, but what stands out to me most is the friendliness of the staff. There has never been a time I haven't been greeted, asked if I need any help, or served right away when I was ready to check out. If it had been once or twice I may have thought it nice, but it has been every single time I have entered the store! Someone is obviously managing that store well and deserves recognition!

Petco in Peabody, KS


By Carrie C.

This Petco is busy. This store is always busy unlike the one in Topsfield which is smaller and more quiet. They have many more animals in the Danvers store and tons of fish. Staff is very friendly but at time seems like there are not enough people working. Products are always in stock and store is very clean. The bigget down fall to the store is its location. The parking lot is a cut through and there is a lot of traffic. If your taking a pet or a child in you have to be really careful and getting in and out of the parking lot isn't always easy.

Petco in Darien, CT


By Joshua C.

I really enjoy going to this Petco, everyone is very helpful and I can always find what I need and they treat my dog great

Petco in Arlington, AL


By Whitney h.

They sell anything your pet could need or want. The best part is that you can take you pet in with you to pick it out themselfs. I like there selection of fish. I have always wanted an exotic fish tank so i go here and admire what all they have.

Petco in Aurora, CO


By Mary T.

Found lots of good deals and close out deals down one isle. This store is very clean and bright. staff were okay not overly friendly though. Found the pet food I needed at a good price.

Petco in Los Angeles, CA


By Julia G.

I took my long haired dog to Petco the other day as I was desperate for a groom. Although my dog had a few knots, Groomers did not listen to my wants at ALL. He came out shaved and looking like a Chihuaha Poodle mix. I am horrified with their work and will NEVER bring him there AGAIN!

Petco in San Diego, CA


By Laura R.

I love this store because of the quantity of different types of toys, treats and pet care products. It is hard not to go overboard while roaming the isles.

Petco in San Francisco, CA


By Larry Algood E.

Hey, Hey PetCo Shoppers Com look at the new Locations we are now Upstairs next to Safeway. We have everything you need

Petco in Tacoma, WA


By Desiree O.

Though the PetCo in Tukwila is much larger and more personal, this one offered great service. One employee spent at least half an hour trying to find a specific kind of fish food for me. They were especially helpful and provided excellent customer service. Prices were reasonable as well. Their grooming center treated by Chihuahua extremely well, and I had confidence in their abilities, unlike some other pet stores where employees don't handle our pets with care.

Petco in Stafford, CT


By Morgan S.

Great store to go to if you have any kind of pet. You are welcome to bring your dog along too! It is the best place to go for pet food, treats, and other supplies. The employees are super nice, all animal lovers. And I have found them to be very knowledgeble of specific pets needs.They have some small pets for sale. But for cats or dogs they have adoption days.