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What Insiders are Saying about Precision Tune

Precision Tune in Wilmington, DE


By pam s.

There are 4 locations in Delaware, the one on Concord Pike is where I take my car for oil changes. The service is fast, the workers are nice. You do not need an appointment although I would recommend one so you are not waiting all day.

Precision Tune in San Diego, CA


By Jason W.

This Precision Tune Auto Care shop often publishes coupons in the mail for the cheapest (~$10) oil changes in the area. Although they are a full-fledged repair shop, if you go just for the oil change thats what youll get they wont tell you that you need a new transmissionetc.. Go on a weekday or call-ahead to avoid a long wait for an oil change. Once they get to your car, the process is very fast. Looks to be an honest family-run place. PROS: Cheap oil changes. CONS: Call ahead to avoid long waits.

Precision Tune in Palo Alto, CA


By Sara S.

I recently went in for a 90k service and specifically requested a thorough brake check, since I was starting to hear grinding. After the service was completed, the manager said there was plenty of pad, and the noise could be from some water on the brakes. The next week, the grinding started to get worse so I took it in again, and low and behold, $900 later, I had to get new brakes, rotors, etc. PLUS wait 5 hrs to get it all done, when I had plenty of time the week before when I had the 90k service done. The manager said he only checked the left side which had plenty of padding. Apparently the right side was down to the bone! What auto repair place only checks one side and overlooks a clear grinding sound?? Lucky I did not get into any accident!! PROS: Seems honest to the novice car repair person CONS: Very, very poor service!

Precision Tune in Renton, WA


By Rene R.

I was a big fan of Precision Auto Tune's owner and staff and took all of my cars there. They were polite and acted as if your concerns were theirs. That's until they damaged my car and insisted nothing was wrong when I took it back to them complaining of the issue. I had it towed to the BMW dealer who reported the damage as... 'whoever welded the exhaust didn't drop it on it's hangers. Instead they hammered the heatshield into the driveshaft. PTAC wouldn't even talk to us, but in their response to our complaint to the BBB, accused us of redamaging our car (in the 24 miles since their repair) and trying to stick it to them. My question is this... if they did such a wonderful job, why wouldn't we have just taken it back to them to repair a second time??? NO HONOR.