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Price Chopper in Webster, FL


By Victoria O.

I shop at this store regularly because it is very close to my house, which is quite convenient as I have two small children. It's supply is good about 98% of the time. There has been once or twice that I've wanted or needed something and they didn't cary it but most of the time, I have no problem finding what I need. Unfortunately, the staff leaves something to be desired. They usually seem bored or unhappy to be doing what they are doing. A lot of times they are talking to friends that either work there too or are visiting and as a consequence, aren't paying any attention to you or to what they are doing. One time, I slipped on a puddle of water and not a single employee assisted me, checked if I was okay or even cleaned up the water! PROS: Good selection, conveniently located CONS: The staff leaves a lot to be desired.