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Pro Cuts is a division of the Regis Corporation with haircut services available to men, women and children. Find Pro Cuts locations near you.

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Pro Cuts in Wareham, MA


By norma s.

Although I use to go here all the time,I found another place where they cut hair right all the time. Sometimes the cut was lousy here,other times great,you just never knew. Once a girl really messed up my hair really bad and when I went back they acted like they didn't even care. He had to cut my hair much shorter to make it even. I went no where for a long time, then back because I really didn't know where to go. Often the person who cut my hair good wasn't there next time. Now I go to a good place and don't have to worry anymore.

Pro Cuts in Coppell, TX


By J. P.

I have taken my 3 year old son here for haircuts since he was 2. I always get the same lady, Kim, who does a great job. When we first started going, he was a bit scared, but has since gotten used to it and Kim does a great job cutting his hair. Great price too $10.95 for kid's cuts. On Fridays, it is $1 off kid's cuts, to make it $9.95.

Pro Cuts in New York, NY


By Emilio D.

Our wallets combine a stylish design with skilled artisanship to create a handcrafted and unique product. The leathers we use on the outer part of the wallets are mostly exotic leathers (crocodile, lizard, ostrich, and short hair-calf leather), and the inner part of the wallets is made mostly of calf skin. Our signature horseshoe placed on the front of the wallet and the styled knife charm placed on the zipper are made out of silver. Silk lining is used inside each wallet in order to achieve a high quality handmade product.

Pro Cuts in San Marcos, CA


By Vince A.

This place you take the whole family to. I can get the boys hair done at the same time I get myself taken care. Very convenient.

Pro Cuts in Seattle, WA


By Zeamara P.

When my granddaugher came to visit she wanted a manicure with more design than my usual manacurist could provide and friend of mine whose daughter attend the University recommed Pro hair and nails. My granddaughter loved the job they did. There was not a long wait, the staff was professional and the shop was clean.

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