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What Insiders are Saying about Public Storage

Public Storage in Sandy Springs, SC


By Sally L.

This is a fairly well run storage facility. You have to go inside to access all of the units and they have someone working in there during most business hours, so you feel like they have a pretty good sense of the comings and goings.

Public Storage in Boston, GA


By Jennifer S.

Public Storage is a great place to store your clothes, bikes, large items that you are not able to keep due to space restrictions in your house. It makes it so much easier on you to just have a place to put it and know that it will be safe and not have to worry about it cluttering up your place and making a mess. It takes a lot of time and hassle out of your cleaning and organizing by allowing you more room to work with and be able to have everything neat and organized. This place is reasnoably priced and you can call and see if they have any specials going on. If you have a lot of items that you cannot fit or keep in your place and are looking for a place to keep them give them a call.

Public Storage in Lakewood, CA


By Lade M.

awesome place to go to. They have a great storage place, and I love the customer service! I just love to go here! Go here for any of your storage and moving needs!

Public Storage in Los Angeles, CA


By jhames j.

"Thanks to all that was a part of our move. We have never had movers before who worked so hard and were such nice people. Thank you gentlemen for having such high standards."