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What Insiders are Saying about Quiznos

Quiznos in Lincolnwood, IL


By Vis L.

Whoc an hate quiznos if they like Sub's and sandwiches??? Well the menu is same at all time limeted variety to choose from... But the food is always fresh and makes u fell like eating again and agian

Quiznos in Las Vegas, NM


By T B.

Everyone kept telling me how I had to try Quiznos but when I finally did I was sorely disappointed. I got the Cabo Chicken but was shocked at how tiny the "sub" was considering what I paid for it. I gave it one more try and ordered the Classic Italian. Once again, it was one of the smallest "subs" I had ever seen. With such high prices it would be worth it to make your own and save yourself at least $5. Don't get me wrong, the food was good but for what I paid I should have had more. PROS: Tastes good. CONS: Very expensive.

Quiznos in Lynbrook, NY


By sam v.

cleanest and best food around, blows away typical deli. better prices than other quiznos. great soups, subs, new salads and cookies. dont even bother thinking its the same as subway, totally different, not even close. STAY AWAY FROM WRONGWAY(SUBWAY)

Quiznos in San Diego, CA


By rhyno s.

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Quiznos in San Francisco, CA


By allen z.

It is a good place to eat sandwich or a sub at, but it is not at a reasonable place for me cause i am a student. it is similar to eating at subway, where there in not enough meat.

Quiznos in Marysville, CA


By alferedo g.

You know, Quizno's is pretty good. There's not much else to be said. Between the variety of subs to the fact that they're toasted, there's just something magical about this place.but it's so darn good! Mmm mmm mmm, I recommend the black angus.Also the new BBQ chicken is good too.Thank you to all employees and manager of the store.

Quiznos in Manassas, VA


By Adam C.

Pretty short review. The food was mediocre. I used to work at this quizno's when it first opened, until the owner sold it and the asian family that bought it fired all the employees and hired family/asian. If you can eat while picturing that then bon apetit.