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What Insiders are Saying about RadioShack

RadioShack in Atlanta, GA


By Wendy H.

Radio shack is full of electronics that are cool nad i guess new oe never seen before,they are like a sharper image to me. They have alot of cool things but the price to me is high, but worth it on most items.

RadioShack in Plaistow, NH


By Debbie P.

I have to buy lots of parts for my school and they alway have everything i need and want. The service it great and the prices are kind of high but they usually have everything it need so i go there.

RadioShack in Texas City, TX


By Dhaval P.

I bought my sprint pcs phone from this radio shack. The people who work here are very knowledgeable about the different cell phone plans and which one was best for me. I am sure this is true for all radio shacks.

RadioShack in Las Vegas, NM


By Steve K.

This store is unique. The size is small, but they carry everything I need mostly for my house. From adaptor to socket with different types and sizes. The price is okay. The staff there are helful to find my needs.

RadioShack in Westminster, CA


By Khanh N.

Radio Shack is great. They have every little park I could want. They offer all sort of accessories from wire to technology. I would recommend everyone to drop by radio shack for any little accessions because they will have it. I would definitely buy from these guys again. I brought most of my connection and wiring form them.

RadioShack in New York, NY


By Kourtney D.

As much as I love mega electronic stores like J & R and Best Buy sometimes I am just not in the mood for huge stores and crazy crowds. Sometimes I just want to run in and run out and I don??t want to have to make a ??day of it.? That is when I run into Radio Shack. These stores, unlike some other electronic stores have been around forever. They carry everything from cell phones, to computers and flat screen TV??s and they always offer a few brands of each. On my last visit I was returning a cell phone adaptor that my sister got me for my iPod. It was one of those adaptors where you plug t into your cigarette lighter and you can play music through your car speakers. We??ll the hubbie decided to spin it around and around while it was in the cigarette lighter and this caused it to break. I took a trip into Radio Shack the next day sans receipt and guess what? Yup, they were super nice and let me exchange it, no questions asked. The gentleman at the counter helped me locate a replacement, then had me fill out some information on a printed out piece of paper and sent me on my way. The transaction was not in the least bit stressful and I appreciate that. In my opinion, some stores are getting ridiculous with their return policy but thankfully Radio Shack is not one of them. Radio Shack may have less than all the others, but sometimes less is more and this is one of those times.

RadioShack in Exton, PA


By A B.

Whenever you need an attachment or cord or something for your gadget - cell phone, pda, dvd player, mp3 player - they have jsut about any attachement you need. I'm glad they're close and reasonably priced

RadioShack in El Cajon, CA


By Denise S.

GREAT customer service, wonderful products, and a friendly atmosphere all contribute to a fantastic shopping experience. I would recomment Radioshack to anyone who needs the latest and greatest electronic gizmo, because more than likely, Radioshack has it! The employees are all on their toes, and truly want to serve you, the customer. Shop there today, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed!

RadioShack in Sunnyvale, CA


By mohana k.

We have ordered desktop speaker in on line and received the product in on time. There was no shipping charge because we have ordered to deliver at Radioshack office. The person at radioshack office was very kind. The speaker is working good for last 4 months and the price is very low compare to other store.

RadioShack in Tacoma, WA


By Scott C.

i go to radio shack for all my electronics.they very nice people,they always answer all my quistions.

RadioShack in Glen Burnie, MD


By John R.

I love this Radio Shack so much, its uncontrolable how much love i have to give to all the associates there. They always help me out. For instance, that time I got my boost incognito! I swear that phone is the best they have anywhere! Its touch screen and everything! I went back a few times telling them I had problems with Boost and they knew every answer and could do everything a Boost store could do to help me. I went in there looking for a male to female usb to rca cable with a 4.5 digital sound conversion for my Prima television with built in DVD and Blu Ray. The sales man told me they are the same things just one has more blue colors in it, made perfect sense to me. I will always stop back in and ask lots of questions and never buy anything, i know they dont mind.

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