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What Insiders are Saying about Raley's

Raley's in Marietta, GA


By Nancy G.

Cute atmosphere, dance floor, dj, latin american look but tasty cold when should be hot food. Of the $40 worth of food only about $3 was palatable. I'll try the apps alone (tapas) before springing for the entree.

Raley's in Cambridge, IA


By Blair M.

For being a city and all, there's no swing dance culture in Boston. Sure, every now and then a group does a swing dance night, but its usually in the basement of some church. If you're young and want to head to an actual bar for some night life, and know how to dance this is the place to go. We went for my birthday and they actually had a combination swing/salsa night. Although we got there too late, they actually do a free group dance LESSON before the night really gets going. So, novices have no excuse now! Goooo.

Raley's in Michigan City, IN


By Bob J.

They can't count! They can't cook! They know nothing of customer service AND they don't know that they take VISA!!!! I ordered 6 burgers for my family. We got 5. One of the 5 DIDN'T HAVE MEAT!!! They gave me crap at the counter because I had a card, and they were unwilling to respond to my complaints. Rally's hires idiots and their managers don't know what the job entails. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Spend a couple more bucks and go to DQ or McDonalds.

Raley's in Las Vegas, NM


By Chau T.

The market offers a variety kind of food for lesser price than any other stores. It is very clean and the food are fresh too because they always get new one. The price are way cheaper than other food store, and the customer service is very good. They also have some products that are cheap.

Raley's in Norwalk, CA


By Karen G.

great burgers,cause they cook everything fresh,the time was good,Really like this place to eat and enjoy a real fast food,I recommend this place just go and tried.

Raley's in Spring Valley, CA


By Arlene K.

There used to be Rally's all over San Diego, but I guess most of them closed. Rally's was most famous for their delicious seasoned fries. Their burgers are tasty as well. Great fast food if you can find one

Raley's in Antioch, CA


By Mary M.

It is a large store with lots of variety. GREAT deli and bakery. Clean store. They have a health/natural foods section along with your everyday conviences. They are rarely out of something and their staff is helpful. They are a bit more $ then others, but worth it for anything fresh. PROS: Clean store CONS: $$$