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First opened in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida, Red Lobster has been bringing quality seafood and great customer service to customers since then. Find Red Lobster restaurant locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Red Lobster

Red Lobster in Pasadena, CA


By Richard B.

Eat here every Sunday. Darrel is the BEST waiter ever....!!!! Good food and service.....!!!!! Love the crab legs. The bacon wrapped scallops are great too.

Red Lobster in Las Vegas, NM


By Michael T.

They are the best and have really good steak and lobster. Everyone should go there and take family members. My wife and I always have a great time and enjoy a wonderful dinner.

Red Lobster in Manassas, VA


By Hilda F.

This is the place where I would always go for a drink. They are so good in here, they have a taste for the best beer out there and they also have food to fill the stomach.