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What Insiders are Saying about Red Wing Shoe Store

Red Wing Shoe Store in Garland, KS


By David P.

Great service. Knowledgeable staff. Good prices. What else could you ask for, Will definitely shop there again.

Red Wing Shoe Store in Katy, TX


By Wayne W.

I'm very meticulous about shoes since I'm a legit shoe lover. So I can say this store passed my standards.

Red Wing Shoe Store in Las Vegas, NM


By Laura R.

i was looking for a really good pair of shoes and someone told me to try this store. It was very hard to locate the store and when i finally got there i was disappointed to see that it was a very small store and on entering realised that there selection was small and prices were very high, i don't think this store was for me

Red Wing Shoe Store in Redwood City, CA


By M N.

I found the most fantastic pair of leather pumps right in this store in the display of the front window. This store also has a wide selection of leather boots suitable for different seasons and weather conditions. My pumps were costly, about $80. But, they were definitely worth it. Very sturdy and comfortable, not to mention stylish!

Red Wing Shoe Store in Lacey, WA


By Amelia S.

I go past this store all the time -- the one in Lacey on Sleater-Kinny. I've never seen vagrants hanging around this shopping strip nor is the store dirty. Even if I were to see a homeless person nearby, it would not make me feel negatively toward a store. In these times, compassion is sorely needed. We do not walk in other people's shoes (pun intended). The store is clean and the shoes are displayed nicely. I found the staff to be extremely helpful in making sure the shoes fit and I'm getting exactly what I need and want. I will be buying my next pair of hiking boots there today (they've been on order). Red Wing is a fantastic company that makes great shoes and has been serving the work force for years and years.

Red Wing Shoe Store in Sterling, AK


By vincent w.

I had my Gucci shoes repaired at sterling shoe and leather repair place, they did fantastic job, when you have an expensive shoes and don't know whether the repair place can do a good job, sterling shoe & leather repair is the right place to be, I got my shoes back just like original, as if no repair was done to it, but yet they resoled it and polished it as well, I 'm happy to say that finally I found a good repair place for my shoes, since I wear very expensive shoes and don't want to throw them out after they wear out the buttoms.