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What Insiders are Saying about REI

REI in Atlanta, GA


By Jonathan P.

REI is the best place to shop if you're an outdoorsy person. And if you'll be purchasing outdoor equipment regularly, become a member. After a small registration fee it's free to maintain, and you get a dividend back every year worth 10% of whatever you purchased! They have a huge selection of camping, hiking, biking, climbing, and other-ing gear. I still need to use this year's dividend... or I'll cash it in. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and the store is well-maintained.

REI in Boston, MA


By Kyra T.

REI has such a wide array of products from climbing gear, to shoes and clothing. The quality of their branded products are great and cheaper than going for the bigger names. The services has always been excellent too.

REI in Chicago, IL


By Owen W.

We love the camping equipment being sold here. The kids were very happy with what we had bought and are excited to go camping.

REI in Denver, CO


By Lauren D.

I have always enjoyed the REI flagship store. Despite it's massive size they always have attentive and knowledgable staff. You can tell they really enjoy what they do!

REI in Houston, TX


By Pam S.

I am glad about this shop and I am giving them five out of five stars based on the quality of service they are able to provide to me.

REI in Henderson, NV


By Randee D.

REI has a huge selection of any outdoor sport you could imagine. Though they are pricey , all their products are of the best quality. There staff is always just around the corner if you need any help and they seem very educated in thier area.

REI in Tustin, CA


By Trevor T.

This store is amazing you can find everything you could possibly need here the selection of camping hiking gear is quite possibly the best in the OC. Highly recommended!!!

REI in Encinitas, CA


By Jennifer K.

This is THE best place to go for outdoor equipment in general. They frequently have awesome sales on clothing, camping gear, etc. We were so excited when they opened this new store in Encinitas. It doens't seem as big as the store in Kearny Mesa, but it is 2 levels, so it may just be that looks are deceiving because they have a lot of merchandise too. The staff is really helpful and they have all kinds of incentives for shopping there. If you buy a pair of shoes there and don't like them for whatever reason (they fall apart, they just don't fit right, anything!), they'll take them back and you can exchange them, even after years! They have a rewards program that earnsmoney towards future purchases. They also can order anything they carry that you don't find in the actual store and have it either shipped to you or the store.

REI in Santa Rosa, CA


By Jan H.

I love going to REI, although I know I won't be able to come out of there without a basketfull. The little stuff gets me . . . the great little travel accessories, all the Eagle Creek packing gear, now the travel/picnic rugs (almost like ones I find in Europe and thought I'd have to special order). My ski jackets and gear have kept me warm and protected each season. Plus, I absolutely LOVE the expedition-weight inner wear in the luscious colors (raspberry, lilac, cobalt) over the years. These have been mainstays for me and Irish relatives to keep toasty in that damp, cold weather. My 78-year-old aunt and I wear the mock-style exp-weight as outer tops and never face a chilly evening by the fire! Also, have really enjoyed going on REI-sponsored day-trips to the Sierras for cross country ski lessons! The staff is always ready with advice and assistance. Love, love, love this place...and so appreciate the "new" location in San Francisco. PROS: Great products and selection; good customer service CONS: