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Rent A Center allows customers ownership of rented items such as name-brand furniture, electronics, appliances and computers after a prolonged period of time. Find Rent A Center locations near you.

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Rent a center in Conyers, GA


By kate m.

Rent -a -Center in Conyers is the best place I have dealt with as far as customer service. The staff there is one of the best because the district manager is REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL with everyone no matter what ! Ms.Cheryl is the best and so is here staff!

Rent a center in Dorchester, IA


By evelyn d.

We went in looking for a bedroom set. They were very nice and made us feel very it!! thankz guyz

Rent a center in Chicago, IL


By Ellyne V.

The people at this particular rent-a-center are really nice and helpful people.I had never used this method before but the people are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcome.They have very nice things and if you have decided that renting to own,although the more expensive way,is the way you need to go then this is definately the place to buy. PROS: Excellent people CONS: expensive

Rent a center in Haltom City, TX


By Barb M.

I am glad I found Rent A Center. I needed a dryer for 3 weeks. Kristina was wonderful. I had my dryer delivered and hooked up ready to go in no time. Very easy to work with and reliable Co.

Rent a center in Aurora, CO


By kory J.

If you don't have enough money to buy living room furniture you should consider renting from rent a center. They have alot of things to choose from. The rent fees are low.

Rent a center in Houston, AK


By Veronica A.

I have been renting from RAC for maybe 3 to 4 months.. They were really nice to me when I went in for my living room suit.. Everything went smooth.. I started paying my weekly payment late for personal reasons.. never did I not let a payment get over a week late.. maybe 4 days at the most.. with all that I paid regardless and with late fees.. I am current as I write this BUT since Ive had late payments they have called me and harrased me everyday and I dont mean just to get my payment but to talk to me like im dirt. We actually got into a screaming argument one day. I have been requesting new tables for two months and they will not deliver new ones but they want their money on time.. Once you sign that paperwork you do not matter anymore. They treat you awful.. I would think twice about getting involved with a deal like this.. I had no choice but I will never do it again.. The location Im talking about is in Houston Texas.. off of 34th and 290... They are jerks...

Rent a center in Reseda, CA


By Grace J.

I love going to rent a center on sherman way the manager johnathan is the best and kindest mangaer at that location and if they would to get rid of him they will be losing a great employee. Keep up the good work johnathan.

Rent a center in Brooklyn, AL


By E B.

This place is great if you have temporary need for something that could be a large purchase. We rented from them a video machine for a few days and they were helpful, providing us with a good model and good service. The prices are a little high but if you are only in need for a short term use of a high ticket item, rent-a-center is a good bet.

Rent a center in Wilmington, CA


By Mary J.

This business makes threats against parents to children, does not understand jurisdiction and should get a new manager. The day is coming for them...

Rent a center in El Cajon, CA


By Kim S.

This place is the BEST. Their Staff is completely helpful and extremely friendly. The have a great variety of almost anything you need. You can rent or buy. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

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