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Founded in 1968 and franchising since 1973, Rent A Wreck offers everyday non-luxury cars at affordable prices. Find Rent A Wreck locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Rent A Wreck

Rent A Wreck in Trenton, NJ


By Joseph J.

Dont bother with Enterprise and Avis to rent a car. Able Rent a Car offers low rates on new or late model used cars. You can get anything here from a compact to a full size car to a minivan or SUV. They also have free pickup service and they let you rent daily, weekly or monthly. Ask them about their special stolen car and collission rates.

Rent A Wreck in Falls Church, VA


By Zach E.

I reserved a small car online, but when we showed up, all they had for the amount we'd already paid online was a gas-guzzling Impala. Disinterested employee said if I wanted an Accord, which was one of the cars shown as available at our price point online, we'd have to pay more. That disinterested employee admitted she wasn’t honoring our resevation beacause she thought she could get more for the car from another customer.