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What Insiders are Saying about Rescue Rooter

Rescue Rooter in Compton, CA


By Meow O.

This company really knows how to do business. Although the technician was not that skillful, they made up for it by mailing me a coupon for $25 off my next bill. The technician couldn't fix my shower because he thought that I needed to shut off the main water valve. Actually, there's a small switch that he could have twisted that would have shut off the water for my unit specifically.

Rescue Rooter in San Diego, CA


By Mary S.

We contacted Rescue Rooter on Thanksgiving morning, not expecting to get anything but an answering machine or service since it was a holiday. Instead, we found a friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the phone, who told us someone would come to our home that day. They arrived and diagnosed our plumbing problem using state-of-the-art equipment and expertise. They even sent a supervisor twice to check the work done on our sewer pipe system. From beginning to end, all who we came into contact with from this company were expert and efficient. For 20 years we have had a plumber come out to flush our sewer lines once per year, yet no other company, until we dealt with Rescue Rooter, ever properly diagnosed our problem. And, their work is guaranteed. They were extremely professional, courteous, timely and experienced. HIGHLY recommend this company!

Rescue Rooter in San Mateo, CA


By aniaf f.

We bought a house with major plumbing problems. We ordered Rescue Rooter and all our problems were gone. We got superb service, prompt and not terribly expensice. We highly recomend Rescue Rooter.