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What Insiders are Saying about Ritz Camera

Ritz Camera in Atlanta, GA


By Meg I.

I love this store! They have the most knowledgeable employees who are always helpful and very customer oriented at the same time. They never let me down with the quality of the photos they develop (great color!) and they are always on time, too! These days everything is digitized but I still use their quality service in good'ol way for my most memorable moments so I don't mess up in printing.

Ritz Camera in Chicago Ridge, IL


By D K.

This store has employees who have a very good knowledge of the newest electronic digital cameras and camcorders, as well as photo film processing, however, their prices are a little higher than you can find if you were to purchase some of the same items online through other venues

Ritz Camera in Richardson, TX


By Cynthia S.

Recently I was in a hurry to get two 8x10 prints. I ordered them online then had them sent to this location for pick up. I called and told them I was in a big hurry. They rushed for me! They were so nice and got me on my was with beautiful prints.

Ritz Camera in Katy, TX


By Ruth A.

I have visited Ritz several times and have been happy with the outcome of my pictures each time. The quality of the deveoping is above average. I had some pictures blown up the other day, and they came out looking like professional shots. The people have always been efficient and helful.

Ritz Camera in Henderson, NV


By A N.

This place has a very knowledgable and friendly staff. The service is quick and professional. They offer access to printing out your pictures straight from your digital camera at a great price! The prints come out great and are ready in an hour!

Ritz Camera in Newport Beach, CA


By Marla J.

If you are looking for a camera, camera accessories or even telescopes and binoculars, Ritz is the place to go. Their knowledgable salespeople will make finding your camera needs easy. They really don't discount, but they do only carry quality items.

Ritz Camera in Tarrytown, GA


By Adam S.

I didn't always know what i was doing, but these guys always took as much time as i need(which at times too forever). They know a lot about all area of film, digital, and making prints. I buy all my stuff such as camera lenses and camera bodies there.

Ritz Camera in La Mesa, CA


By Allison W.

This particular Ritz Camera has been nothing but helpful for me. Everytime I've gone in with a problem or question the employees have bent over backwards to help. The quality of the pictures is great, and the prices are very decent. I usually try to go to smaller processing stores, but I don't mind using Ritz because they show as much attention to my photos as any other store (sometimes a lot more).

Ritz Camera in San Jose, CA


By Diana B.

I really like the photo developing there. I also like how easy it is to upload my digital pictures from home and pick them up when I am out doing errands. Yes, they are a little expensive but the quality is great.

Ritz Camera in Washington, D.C.


By Timothy K.

E PLURIBUS UNUM PHYSICS Dec 11, 2008 Mike Huarca at Ritz Camera, 1750 L.St. NW, Washington, DC has been CREATING T shirts for E PLURIBUS UNUM PHYSICS since 2005. I present him with a photo negative or a picture, which he scans; perhaps anybody can do that. Mike then goes on to add as script, whatever you specify. HOWEVER, he also ADDS his 'artistic imagination' for the place and font style of the script surrounding your picture.... My favorite T shirt is of the "Child in flight at the Einstein Monument" Dec 2002. That T shirt is, or will, be placed on the websites of E Pluribus UnUm Physics, including www.picasaweb.google.com/timeinstein. The T shirt was made possible by my providing the photograph. Mike Huarac made it 'extraordinary', actually 'very touching and meaningful' by applying his innate VISUAL artistic talents; judge for yourself. T. Krier-O'Boyle