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What Insiders are Saying about Ruby Tuesday Restaurant

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Lakewood, NJ


By Joey M.

I give 5 stars to that beautiful hostess with the short black hair at Ruby Tuesdays in Lakewood, NJ. She was definitely a bombshell! And as far as the food goes, i ordered a steak which was pretty goood.

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Fairfax, VA


By Selene N.

I like Ruby Tuesday less now than I did before. They used to have a pretty good menu that satisfied my taste, but over the years, they have taken some of my favorite dishes out. Right now the only thing I would recommend on their menu is the ribs. But that still depends on the chef that day. I find their ribs very inconsistent. Sometimes they are great and grilled to perfection, but other times they are dry and not enjoyable. As for the salad bar, it is really not that bad, except that it does not have anything I am interested in. Before you order it, walk over and take a look at what's on there first. There aren't too many choices on the salad bar. I still go there occasionally with friends and family, because I like the casual and friendly atmosphere, and the servers are usually pleasant. Parking should not be a problem, even though you might have to walk a short distance when it's during the dining peak hours. PROS: Friendly and casual dining environment. Friendly service. CONS: Inconsistent food quality. Poor selection on the salad bar.