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What Insiders are Saying about Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply in Woodstock, AL


By Linda T.

Each time I buy something at Sally's, I like the store better and better. The salespeople are always so helpful to point to the best products. They are really knowledgable about the things they carry and speak with experience. Really enjoy shopping here!

Sally Beauty Supply in Taunton, MA


By Chad B.

Sally Beauty Supply has something for everyone. They sell makeup, hair products, and other beauty supplies. The store is well kept and very clean and organized. Their prices are cheap to average.

Sally Beauty Supply in Michigan City, IN


By amber u.

This place is Great what more can I say. They have things for EVERYONE from young ones to old ones, for all types skin, and hair, male and female. I love to go there sometimes just to see whats new. Geat prices, Great top quality produces and friendly staff on hand. Location and parking are great as well. PROS: location,price,staff CONS: none

Sally Beauty Supply in Grand Prairie, TX


By Claudia K.

I like Sally Bueaty Supply, because it is easy to get in and out of the store, they have good prices, and the people are really helpful with any hair care needs.

Sally Beauty Supply in Denver, CO


By Mary T.

Upon entering this store I was greeted by staff. I started looking around and within a few minutes the sales lady came and asked me if I needed any help. I told her what I was looking for which was Loreal heat control and a great price. Thier was a form posted by the product for me to mail it and try the product for free. Also thoughout this store were coupons displayed everywhere to buy 1 get 1 free ect. I love great deals and coupons. This store can save you money and just keep your eyes open for the great deals all around this store. PROS: A store with lots of coupons and special. CONS: None

Sally Beauty Supply in Houston, AK


By Dianne M.

The emloyees in this location are very friendly. If you need help they are there to help you. I found the store neat and clean and lots of products to select from. It is a joy to shop in this store. You will find all the products you are searching for here. This is a one stop shop for you beatuy needs. Well worth the trip there. PROS: You can find everything here. CONS: A little pricey

Sally Beauty Supply in Las Vegas, NM


By Kristina M.

I bought beauty supplies here for a salon that I am working for. All the things we need for are completed in this store. We also get good deal because we bought them in bulk. If not because of them, we wouldn't be in business. Superstar!!

Sally Beauty Supply in Garden Grove, CA


By vinnice b.

the employees here are always very bvery helpful. The have a wide range of knowlege about products and how to use them. I shop there often and have never been dissapointed.

Sally Beauty Supply in Parlin, CO


By jennifer w.

I know this is a chain store, but I have been to numerous Sally's and none do the Old Bridge one justice. Their selection is bigger and their staff is MUCH MORE helpful & friendly.

Sally Beauty Supply in Abington, CT


By Emily T.

Awesome ppl!!!!! These ladies will take care of you

Sally Beauty Supply in Vista, CA


By dana s.

Do not/not take retail store employees advice. They profess to be professionals, but have little or no salon experience!

Sally Beauty Supply in Vacaville, CA


By Geraldine Flynn F.

I received the best customer service in this store. The girls there were very helpful and kind. I also learned the Store Manager is a local in my neck of the woods!!!

Sally Beauty Supply in Tacoma, WA


By Jeannie W.

I recently visited Sally's Beauty Supply, and i regret not going their sooner! They have definitely won over a new customer. The shop is very fun, and the staff are simply superb when it comes to helping you any way they can. The prices are very affordable, and everything is of high quality! Definitely recommended for any beauty supply lover!

Sally Beauty Supply in Centreville, VA


By Jennifer W.

This retail store could be so much better. The staff isn't the friendliest and the selection is just so so. They seem to be out of stock on a lot of items a lot of the time! Prices are good though!

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