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What Insiders are Saying about Salvation Army

Salvation Army in Fall River, KS


By liz r.

For those who don't want to work, handicapp, ill, can't work, or homeless there is a shelter for those in need. I think it is great that the city has this for them. It is not a place to sleep but a place to eat. You can on certian days go there and eat all you want or even take home food. Somedays they have donations delivered for the poor here and all that go there take it. I drive by this place everyday and wonder how they got like that you know. With such little jobs out there and many hard to find, these people do not even try to find it. Most of these people are very poor though and I have seen young women and children enter this place and my heart just melts to see them in that situation. It is SAD. We should be glad for all that we have really. This place not look nice outside but it does good. PROS: helps the poor, state pays for it to be held up CONS: not alot of donations go there

Salvation Army in Chicago, IL


By Pamelar A.

The Salvation army is a very dependable organization for those in need. I have had direct contact through people that I have send over to the Salvation army at 845 W 69th St and they as I have found out are very helpful to the clients, they don't talk down to them but talk with them making them feel as if that person does matter and they are not along in their endeavors. I have send a couple of homeless women to them and they have reported to me of the care giving them. More organizations need to use this type of re pore with those in need.

Salvation Army in Arlington, AL


By michelle l.

This thrift store is great... friendly, courteous employees, regular shipments of new merchandise, and LOTS of clothing! Clothing in particular is well-organized and easy to shop. Weekly specials too! Convenient location, and store proceeds support the various Salvation Army programs; your donations do a world of good!

Salvation Army in Pearland, TX


By Jeanna M.

This store is open 6 days a week, providing a full variety of items at a price that is easy on the wallet. From clothing, to furniture, books, appliances, and even art, they have it all! Wedsnesday they offer 50% all clothing. Be sure to get there early for the choicest pickings. All other days they offer 50% off on certain color coded tags (whether green, white, yellow, or blue). Check out the unannounced sales marked on the front door as you enter. Sometimes you can pick up furniture for 20% off (or more, as the manager is always happy to negotiate a price.... Everything must go, and a large portion of the proceeds go to support a good cause...) It doesn't get better than this! PROS: Great deals on clothing and more; open 6 days a week; price negotiable CONS: Parking lot is in strip center and sometimes full; not enough registers

Salvation Army in Chester, AR


By Scott P.

I have been to many Salvation Army stores. This one is not bad. They do have the same types of things, but a lot of stuff is usually not marked with price tags and when you ask how much something costs, nobody knows what to tell you. Not bad though.

Salvation Army in Milpitas, CA


By anita g.

i just moved into milpitas a month ago and the stores were neat and clean. excellent customer service. and items very affordable. i really need help finding a cal-king mattress and boxspring. please provide me with a reasonable price.

Salvation Army in Seattle, WA


By Goody T.

Parking is a pain but it is really worth once you get inside and look around. Nice people working there and the selection varies from nothing to classy. You have to look, seems to be a lot of dealers in there so something is right