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What Insiders are Saying about Salvation Army

Salvation Army in Hanover, CT


By pam d.

They are great here they donate alot of their money to the needy and somedays. They sell everything at a cheap price and you can find alot here. Some of the stuff is old but you can wash it. I do not like how the store smells old but its a store you know with old used items.

Salvation Army in Chicago, IL


By Kimberly S.

The Salvation Army has always been a great option for what to do with unneeded items. They accept everything, and will arrange pick-up if necessary. Have always been pleasant to deal with. They always provide a receipt for tax purposes. Items are sold in their shops and profits support their programs. PROS: better than throwing out items others may want CONS:

Salvation Army in Arlington, AL


By michelle l.

This thrift store is great... friendly, courteous employees, regular shipments of new merchandise, and LOTS of clothing! Clothing in particular is well-organized and easy to shop. Weekly specials too! Convenient location, and store proceeds support the various Salvation Army programs; your donations do a world of good!

Salvation Army in Redondo Beach, CA


By JoAnna C.

Name brands for an average price of $2-3 dollars. Jones New York, Harry & David, among others...........are on a small sample of the type of clothing you can and will find here if you have some spare time and are patient.

Salvation Army in Long Island City, NY


By Susie H.

I've shopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store now for a few years, maybe 12 times or so altogether. There are 2 things I'll mention, the service and the goods. It's a large airy space with lots and lots of clothes very nicely divided by type of garment and color. The furniture is wobbly and you can get new stuff at Ikea for just about the same price! Sometimes there are good knick-knacks but rarely. Beautiful brand name ladies' garments, sequins, etc. for dirt cheap! Great! The clothing values. That is the reason to go. You do need to sort through all sizes and some soiled garments. The service is uneven to be upbeat about it! Today it was very "uneven"! A sales associate hollers "This is not a day care facility! Your children should be watched!..." She's got a point and the sales associates have valid points! It's just that they do seem to take pleasure in literally scolding the customers! It's probably the way wardens treat the women prisoners in prison! At least, that's what I can tell from having watched movies about women in prison. If you want to be "punished", it is a good place to go. So service can go from friendly sometimes if you're lucky to punishing. The service is by people without manners, and who can be very in-your-face and it is condoned by management as I have witnessed managers act in this rude,dehumanizing fashion. I therefore refuse to give anything to their bell-ringing Christmastime reps! But I do donate my good old stuff to their thrift stores. Tip for trying on clothes. Wear slip-on shoes. Wear tight fitting clothes so you can step into and pull up skirts and pants and blouses over your head--they have large mirrors. Then walk north on Steinway a couple of blocks to goodwill store where you will find a smaller selection/store, higher prices but divinely sweet service. They are angels there.

Salvation Army in Chester, AR


By Scott P.

I have been to many Salvation Army stores. This one is not bad. They do have the same types of things, but a lot of stuff is usually not marked with price tags and when you ask how much something costs, nobody knows what to tell you. Not bad though.

Salvation Army in San Diego, CA


By Sarah H.

The Salvation Army does a lot of really good work. When the wild fires surrounded the city of San Diego a few years back, the Salvation Army was just one of the many organizations that sprung into action to help out the residents of San Diego. The Salvation Army is also the organization that we are all familiar with, the volunteers that we see during our holiday shopping that stand outside with the red kettles ringing the bells. Obviously, the Salvation Army is most noticeable around the holidays, however it is important to remember that they help people all throughout the year, and that in order to do so; they need the help of everyone. Whether you make a financial donation to their organization, or you volunteer your time, the Salvation Army provides so many opportunities to get involved. The San Diego location of the Salvation Army, located on 7th Avenue in Downtown, San Diego is known as the Centre City Corps. They not only help feed the homeless, but they also minister to the spiritual needs through church services, provide coffee and donuts to seniors, serve meals after church services, distribute food bags to those in need and so much more. The staff is especially helpful. The volunteer coordinator Mary Gordon is a very sweet, dedicated, devoted woman. She will help you find the perfect place within the organization to volunteer. Give her a call today, and she is sure to help you get more out of life by volunteer work and the satisfaction of helping others. You won?t find a more devoted, caring, and loving staff then the staff of volunteers at the Salvation Army anywhere else in San Diego. They are also responsible for the spectacular Ray And Joan Croc Corps Community Center! PROS: They do a lot of good work for San Diego and around the world CONS: The red kettles are only around town during the holiday season!

Salvation Army in Milpitas, CA


By anita g.

i just moved into milpitas a month ago and the stores were neat and clean. excellent customer service. and items very affordable. i really need help finding a cal-king mattress and boxspring. please provide me with a reasonable price.

Salvation Army in Seattle, WA


By Don M.

Looking for a professional position? Dont bother Sally. I applied for a job. They insisted I interview with three people the week after Christmas. I had to change my plans, but showed up. Two of the three interviewers didnt. I met with a young woman who had been there less than three months. If this is how they treat people, who wants to work for them?

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