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What Insiders are Saying about Sam Goody

Sam Goody in Braintree, MA


By Tim N.

sam goody is where i go when i want to get the newest cd out or a movie that is coming out on that day they alwaysw have it in stock and are able to hold it for you sometimes

Sam Goody in Schaumburg, IL


By Val C.

Sam Goody is a good place to get any music from because they have just about anything. They also have a lot of movie memorablia and movies. There prices are o.k.

Sam Goody in Mesquite, NM


By Chris D.

First off they don't have a very big selection to choose from and secondly, their prices are through the roof. The only thing you really don't have to worry about is them keeping it in stock. I'm sure they don't sell out very easily, being that their prices are so high.

Sam Goody in Friendswood, TX


By David H.

This Sam Goody location is great. I travel all the way over there just to visit this store. I live a bit aways. They have a great selection of music and videos. When they have items on sale they are so reasonable. The employees there are so nice. They have every kind of music you can think of. I really enjoy going into this place and looking around.

Sam Goody in Cerritos, CA


By Bree M.

I don't really like the vibe of this store, seems to chaotic and the prices are up there... but hey, if theres a cd you just need ASAP and you can't drive around the corner to best buy, then go for it. PROS: CONS: prices

Sam Goody in Cherry Hill, NJ


By ilyse f.

i think that this store is a good one and they have a very good selection but i have to say that i would like to see their prices go down a this day and age of one line purchasing i think that one can sometimes do much better on line than in this store..maybe they should price compare a bit and they will find out the same thing...

Sam Goody in San Diego, CA


By amber s.

well first off the mall is amazing and then there was sam goody it was huge they took our music store away in palm springs not cool. but sam goody had everything we needed im glad we went!

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