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What Insiders are Saying about SavOn Drugs

SavOn Drugs in Dallas, GA


By Melinda M.

It isn't a fancy looking store, but they did remodel recently and the staff, with the exception of some of the front managers in the day, are very friendly. Many people have worked there for years and they also hire some handicapped people that are truly wonderful and a joy to see each time I visit. Sandra is the best - she's the night manager and the gentleman that runs the store is extrememly nice and cares about his clientle. So go shop at Albertsons off Midway and NW Hwy. We want to make sure they stay in business a long time!

SavOn Drugs in Greenwood Vlg, CO


By Lisa H.

looking are a good deli with great lunchmeat and side dishes for lunch. Albertsons has great prices and great location for DTC. You can get lunch at the deli for cheap. This is a clean, helpful grocery store. They are alway updating it too. PROS: new computer system CONS: limited name brands

SavOn Drugs in Henderson, NV


By Bart A.

These stores are scary. They have cut back most of the help to 1 or 2 checkers. You can't find anything you are looking for and the checkers are rude and overworked.

SavOn Drugs in Huntington Beach, CA


By Deborah K.

I've been going here for years and this is a great pharmacy. The new manager Jimmy T. is very helpful and friendly. Contrary to the previous review, the female pharmacist, Tran is very professional as well as sympathetic. In fact, I get my flu shot from her every year! The entire staff is very knowledgeable and efficient. I'm not a doctor but from what MY doctor told me, she's right, there really isn't anything you can do for a stomach flu. It's a virus! Pros: Efficiency and expertise level of the pharmacists Cons: Not 24 hours

SavOn Drugs in Ltl Egg Hbr Twp, NJ


By ann s.

This pharmacy is a wonderful place to get your prescriptions. They are very friendly and have fast service. The employees are always willing to help with any questions you have.

SavOn Drugs in El Cajon, CA


By Vivian V.

I love this grocery store it is soo big! The staff is always friendly! And this location even has a Starbucks and a dry cleaners! Its a one-stop-shop!

SavOn Drugs in Union City, CA


By nikole m.

this is where i always go to shop for groceries. everything is easy to find in the labeled aisles and they have a large variety of items on sale. there is a deli, a photo shop, pharmacy, and now a self serve station to pay for groceries yourself! the employees are helpful and are always around to aid in whatever you need, whether it be their opinion on what detergent you should get or where something is at.

SavOn Drugs in Tacoma, WA


By Jeannie W.

One of my two favorite places to shop! They have a nice deli and bakery, and i like the store layout, its very convienient. They have alot of good sales on stuff around holidays, such as Valentines Day. They always have really good sales, and they are located convieniently next to many other shops in the plaza. Definitely recommended

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