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What Insiders are Saying about Sbarro

Sbarro in Bloomingdale, GA


By Jackie G.

I like stopping by the Food Court for Sbarro's calzones. They are very tasty and I haven't found better ones at a "fast food" kind of restaurant. I think Sbarro's pizza is also very good.

Sbarro in Mesquite, NM


By Amanda S.

The pizza and salads are very good, but they are a little over-priced costing about $8.00 for lunch.

Sbarro in Denver, CO


By Hope G.

If you need a quick meal at the mall this is good pizza and offers a good salad. The kids enjoy this pizza at the mall.

Sbarro in Woodbridge, NJ


By Patty H.

If you are looking for an excellent slice of pizza, this is the place to go! Grat to take the kids because the pies are cheap and the huge slices fill up the whole family. Highly reccommnended.

Sbarro in San Diego, CA


By Jaime L.

Sbarro has the BEST pizza in town!!!!!!!! Really reminds me of a nice New York slice of pie! I derfintely recomend it!

Sbarro in Newark, AR


By Amanda L.

I like the pizza, and the garlic breadsticks there. I get them all the time. Price-wise, it's not too bad, pretty affordable. It's a nice place to stop by while you're shopping.

Sbarro in Glen Burnie, MD


By Jen A.

Last week my family chose Sbarro for our family night out dinner. We arrived at 8:35pm and the employees would not serve us. They told us they were getting ready to close and had already turned off the ovens for the night. The sticker on the door stated the hours of operation were util 9pm. My family and I will never eat at Sbarro! PROS: I can't think of one... CONS: Hours of operation