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What Insiders are Saying about Select Comfort

Select Comfort in Derry, NH


By Debbie P.

My husband and I needed a new bed and decided to try the select sleep number bed. The salesman had us try out three different beds and their was no pressure to buy, he even sent us a thankyou for visiting card. My husband went back the next day a bought one, it should be arriving sometime this week. I am excited to try it.

Select Comfort in Plano, TX


By A R.

We bought our bed from select comfort. They were wonderful with helping us to find our sleep numbers. This was to personalize our beds to our liking and comfort. It is the best bed I have ever had. They also customized it so my DH and I can have different preferences on our side of the bed. They delivered fast and we have enjoyed it ever since.

Select Comfort in Sugar Land, TX


By Patricia L.

Well I didn't have a good experience with 3 Day Blinds. After the new blinds were shipped to my home, it took them a week after the fact to actually come back to the house to install them. They did put them up fast and right when they did finally show up though. PROS: Good installation CONS: They neglect you

Select Comfort in West Nyack, NY


By Joanat F.

The Sock Drawer is a great place to pick up some stocking stuffers (no pun intended). They have some really funky socks that can be used in place of slippers - they come in great colors and designs. They also have some great wool socks that will keep your feet warm and cozy in the coldest of temperatures. They have some seasonal socks as well - cute little turkeys or santas all around them. Definitely a fun place to shop.

Select Comfort in Moorestown, NJ


By Judith A.

If you haven't tried a SleepNumber bed, you're missing out. The people in the store will help you find the right bed for you and will explain how to find the perfect sleep number. No more back aches! No more tossing and turning. Even my dogs love our new SleepNumber bed (their sleep number is 50 and mine is 35). The store is great. Very helpful personnel. Check it out.

Select Comfort in San Mateo, CA


By Steven Q.

I bought a Queen size pillow here. The sales lady was very nice. She urged me to give the select comfort airbed a try so I did. It was fun. I laid on my side while she adjusted the pressure from firm, to soft, then firm again. The prices for their beds are a bit pricey, so I think I would buy from someone else. Also, they advertise like crazy so I know one reason they are so pricey is because of their advertising budget. They do have some really good quality beds I must admit.

Select Comfort in Columbia, MD


By S. C.

The agents here help you find the phone you need and the wireless plan that fits your lifestyle. The phone I bought from here is in excellent condition and I love the service I am getting from T-mobile.

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