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ShopKo in Lacey, WA


By Alayna c.

Awful. Though they have decent prices for things you can find every where and usually at walmart for the same price their customer service is horrible. We went to by laptop carry cases and found a bunch on clearance and thought it was great so many choices. The problem was the one I wanted rang up almost 40 dollars when I had seen a tag for 10. The manager was ringing me up and calls an associate up to check out if it was right. Thats alright I have worked customer service it is standard. He goes back to check and says they are not on clearance it must have been a mistake so I go back with him and find 5 more of the same kind! How can you have that many mistakes in one spot? Instead of removing the misplaced items and honoring my purchase they insist that I am wrong. I however do NOT think I was in the wrong for 5-6 items being put in the clearnce section which by the way is far away from the regular prices laptop cases. Never will go back thanks but no thanks I bought a new laptop case on clearance that rang up the right price at Marshals and got a better deal!