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What Insiders are Saying about Sizzler

Sizzler in Rockaway, NJ


By stan u.

I have not been there in years and am surprised that they are around at all. You would never know it by looking at the parking lot. It is sad to see it so empty thet you would not even know if they were open or not. I think they have some marketing issues to work out as their food and service were second to none. Next time I will make a point of dining there when I am in the Rockaway area.

Sizzler in Albany, CA


By Francis E.

While celebrating my wife' s birthday today 9.1.2013, our car was burglarized in the parking lot of Sizzlers in Albany, CA. Several valuable items were taken from the car and the window was smashed and broken to pieces. Management was informed but was indifferent and showed no concern for our plight. We regularly eat at this establishment after church every weekend, as so do many others also. Now it makes us think twice before patronizing this place, not because the food is not great, but more of security concerns.

Sizzler in Bremerton, WA


By Patty M.

Hands-down, the best salad bar anywhere aroud. I can't comment too much on the food since I only get the Malibu Chicken every single time I go there. My husband always gives me a hard time since I never try anything else, but its really good.