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Sleep Inn is one of the largest national, all-new construction hotel chains. There are over 300 Sleep Inn locations tailored to business and leisure travelers. Find Sleep Inn locations near you or for your next trip.

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What Insiders are Saying about Sleep Inn

Sleep Inn in Johnston, RI


By Skye S.

The prices are sometimes disappointing, but I have found good used music there. It's convenient to get to and easy to park at, and the new music selection is not bad. I wish they were better about buying used CDs... but the service isn't bad otherwise. They have movies, some apparel, and other items. It's well organized.

Sleep Inn in Las Vegas, NV


By Louis M.

To sum up my experience with M C Plumbing I would say that they were: Reliable, Affordable, Punctual and Professional

Sleep Inn in Chula Vista, CA


By alma m.

I purchased a Tempur-Pedic bed from them about 30 days ago. I had an excellent experience with everything from the efficient salesperson, financing, and delivery the same day. I love the bed and regret waiting as long as I did to purchase it,that and the cost...but it is well worth it!!! I would highly recommend this store to family and friends.

Sleep Inn in San Mateo, CA


By Cathy H.

Excellent customer service and knowledge. The employees are very helpful in letting you know about the different types of mattresses and helps you determine the best type for you.

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