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What Insiders are Saying about Smart & Final

Smart & Final in Las Vegas, NV


By elizabeth l.

i always get eye contact which i dont get from many cashiers , nice and friendly! and good savings and when you find sales there like 50% off its all on the day you go, and if you have a big family heres the place to shop.

Smart & Final in West Los Angeles, CA


By A R.

The smart and final is a good alternative to Costco when you don't have time to drive that far, and need mainly groveries and household goods, as opposed to plasma tv sets. They have a good grocery section.

Smart & Final in San Diego, CA


By abby h.

Smart & Final is a smaller version of Costco but pretty competitive on the price. I go to Smart & Final if I feel lazy to shop at Costco...their location is perfect. I like their sales associates; they are fast and friendly. One time I was there, they have this associate named Mark who was so efficient and he finished my transaction right away without neglecting to thank me for shopping there. I hope all cashiers are like him, fast and efficient; he knows he needs be quick since there is a long line. This is a good store to shop if you want to save money (from being tempted at Costco). Keep it up guys!