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Smoothie King offers nutritional fruit and function-based, fresh blended smoothies in addition to sport beverages, energy bars, snacks, and vitamin supplements. Find Smoothie King locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Smoothie King

Smoothie King in Atlanta, GA


By Joey n.

this place is the best ever i love it soo much...the smoothies taste sooo good and nothing else comapres to them...overall i give this place a +5 stars

Smoothie King in Las Vegas, NM


By Jennifer R.

This is in response to the review below about the smoothie not tasting good. This was under the old owner. The smoothies at Smoothie King are made correctly now and are fabulous!

Smoothie King in New York, NY


By zarina b.

I have many smoothie before .This one okay I have better at jamba juice.Too much Ice yuck

Smoothie King in Mt Laurel, NJ



My name is Donald Smith. I own the Smoothie King. If anyone has an unsatisfactory experience please notify me directly. My business cards are in the front of the shop. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will either blend you another smoothie for FREE or give you your money back. We always want to make sure you leave HAPPY! To the dissatisfied review (MB) I apologize for your negative experience. I take full responsibility and please know that High quality smoothies and excellent guest service is what we strive for. please see me so that I may speak to you in person and compensate you for such a negative experience. To everyone, Enjoy and remember "be good to yourself".

Smoothie King in Poway, CA


By Alana T.

If you're shopping in Poway and want something tastey or you are in the mood for a healthy snack - or you just need a pick me up these smoothies are for you. I like them better than the ones made with milk that the competitors sell. These are made with juices and you can get about any combination you'd like. They have add-ins for all your needs. They also sell shakes and protein items for those of you who are looking to gain a few. They have supplements as well as snacks available also. The staff is very knowledge and friendly and will help you with any of your concerns or questions. Angel Food is my favorite flavor - find your own favorite. Oh and you might miss it - it's kind of tiny - if you are heading towards the 15 it will be on your right. Bright red sign SMOOTHIE KING!! A guilty free treat that actually tastes good.

Smoothie King in Antioch, CA


By chantell f.

Not the same as Jamba Juice. It seems like their smoothie's are more functional. They have a kids size which is great since my kids love their smoothie's.