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What Insiders are Saying about Sovereign Bank

Sovereign Bank in Plymouth, CA


By norma s.

When it was Compass I loved it. I don't like a thing about Sovereign. They charge you for everything now. For a while they were charging If you went below 400. on your savings but they dropped it because of so many complaints. All the tellers are very nice here I don't have any problem with them, just the Banks policies. For some reason my Husband doesn't want to change so I'm stuck there. I also like the drive up here and it's close to Shaws.

Sovereign Bank in East Hanover, NJ


By jason b.

Svereign Bank in East Hanover , NJ has always given me exceptional service. A trip to the bank is always prompt and efficient,. Regardless of the length of the line, the time spent is always short. The personnel are all very friendly and helpful. One time in particular that stands out in my mind happened in June. The branch I go to closes at 6:30 on Fridays. On this particular Friday I was running late. It was urgent I make a deposit that day, as I would be out of town for the next 5 days. I arrived at the bank at 6:34PM, after the branch had closed. The teller very graciously processed my deposit. Sovereign Bank gives world class customer service.

Sovereign Bank in Pennsville, NJ


By Kimberly C.

I've been banking with this bank for two years and they are very friendly and helpful. I just had a situation with my account and they helped me through it with little hardship.

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