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What Insiders are Saying about Spencer Gifts

Spencer Gifts in Duluth, GA


By Santiago C.

This place is a hoot! When step-dad turned the big 50 wanted to get him something to make him giggle. Stopped in,and found the funniest stuff I have seen in my life! Gift cards that'll make you have an accident, and jewelry as well. There is a regular side to the store, but found the strange and unusual much more entertaining.

Spencer Gifts in Swansea, MA


By Chris l.

I do not know what the purpose of this store is. Everytime I pass by it it looks more and more like a playboy store. They do have sex games cause I have seen it there. The cards they seel have nudity. This is wrong there are kids that come into this store for all kinds of cut items and see this stuff. What is wrong with these people. Can't they hind this stuff on top selves. PROS: CONS: playboy store

Spencer Gifts in Schaumburg, IL


By T. T.

Spencer's is one of the most fun stores to shop at. They have lots of gag gifts, which are always amusing to look at. They also have blacklight posters, retro items, and other cool things.

Spencer Gifts in Plano, IA


By Gus A.

Great store for finding anything unusual. They have a great selection of gag gifts. The sales people are always friendly and helpful. This is a fun store. PROS: Great place for gifts CONS: no probs

Spencer Gifts in Littleton, CO


By Chris T.

Spences is such an awesome place. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I have made several purchases and have been more than happy with them. I do a lot of my gag gift shopping here

Spencer Gifts in The Woodlands, TX


By David H.

Spencer Gifts is a place to buy those great gag gifts. They also sale novelty items. It is great just to in there and see all the neat items they have. The employees there are always nice and friendly too. I really like this place. They also have a good selection of costumes when Halloween time is here.

Spencer Gifts in Henderson, AR


By W B.

This store is cool!! Very unigue gifts in here, especially if you are a joker. You will find great stuff for parties and gag gifts. If you are on the wild side they have plenty of things for you too. Awesome stuff fot the teenage and college kids. Board games, t-shirts, posters, cards and jewelry are just a few things to find here

Spencer Gifts in Redondo Beach, CA


By Junior B.

When I first went to Spencer Gifts, I WAS AMAZED at all the selections of Simpsons Merchandise they had. I would rarely find any Simpsons stuff ANYWHERE ELSE!! (And Im a big fan of the Simpsons). But above all, it original and I admire stores like that. I go there every once and a while, of course I never leave without buying something. Without a doubt, its one of the best places I have ever been to. Amazing things that they sell, that you wouldnt find anywhere else. Awesome store!!!

Spencer Gifts in New York, NY


By Miem F.

Awesome store, Super cool products, Staff is very friendly and helpful :) tons of fun! 1st ever store in manhattan it is between 3rd and 4th street for those who cant find it. closest trains are the N&R trains to 8th street NYU or the 6 train to Bleecker street or the D to Broadway Lafeyette

Spencer Gifts in Montgomeryville, PA


By Kristy B.

This Spencer's location, while having a variety of items, can use more organization. The location is hard to navigate through because of the way displays are set up. However, that being the only draw back, they have a lot of items at a great price.

Spencer Gifts in El Cajon, CA


By Kelsey V.

Love the stuff there. SO funny and theirs stuff in there that is very interesting :) You have to check it out.

Spencer Gifts in San Jose, CA


By Alex M.

Spencers got a lot of nice gadgets and novelty items. This is definitely a good place to go to when you are looking for a gift for somebody. Most of the stuff they got there is soo funny to read or watch. Some of the items are a bit pricey. But overall its a great store to shop at.

Spencer Gifts in Tacoma, WA


By emily h.

This store is so nice, it is clean and all of the people who work there are really nice when you go in there. They have really great cloths that everyone can enjoy that always look great and are pretty good priced. They have sizes that some stores doing always have, and in the coolest styles and colors.

Spencer Gifts in Towson, MD


By Alex B.

This place has something for everyone, although the kids should not go in the back of the store. Most of the items are what I would call gag gifts. Fake doogie do and lava lamps are such fun. Once I hit a great sale there and walked out with a great t-shirt, some adult greeting cards and mints shaped like...well I'll leave that up to your imagination. They have some of the funiest t-shirts and posters and nice band and movie related stuff. The kids that work there always have a ton of earrings and torn up clother so don't expect great service.