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What Insiders are Saying about Sports Authority

Sports Authority in Arlington Hts, IL


By Shah Rukh K.

Sports Authority is a good place to shop for sporting goods and clothes. Althoug, the one bad thing about it is that there are never people aorund to help, so they need to solve that problem.

Sports Authority in Lakewood, CA


By Clorinda S.

Go here for ALL sports equipment. Very helpful staff. It's never crowded on a Friday! Bike rack selection is the only thing that is sparse.

Sports Authority in Las Vegas, NV


By Debbie T.

The equipment we bought here made our camping extra special. Thank you very much for providing what we need for our adventure.

Sports Authority in New York, NY


By Cara L.

I first would like to apologize to Modellā??s Sporting Goods. I cheated on and thereā??s nothing I can do change that, and Iā??ve also decided to leave for the other store so just let me go (lol). Sports Authority one of the few place that I know where you can walk in and find equipment among other necessities for every single sport including the individual activities. As much as I love watching basketball I would rather go diving in my spare time. Furthermore, I donā??t want to break my pockets paying for the charges that come with shopping at a specialty store. Though I will admit some of the items can be a bit pricey, at least everything you need is at your finger tips. If I want camping gear I donā??t have to worry about roaming through half an aisle reserved for camping essentials and trying to figure out where I can buy everything else I need after buying some lighter fuel and only one brand of tent. I also donā??t have to wait at the side of a counter while the sales associate is on the phone with the other stores checking for an item that should have been made available by at least three different brands. As a customer I like having choices and I choose Sports Authority for all my sporting needs.

Sports Authority in Emeryville, CA


By Brian P.

Upon visiting this Sports Authority location, I noticed that they had an indoor driving range. What an experience. I was able to try out various clubs and selected the one that fit me perfectly. A must for all Golf enthusiasts.

Sports Authority in Tacoma, WA


By Elizabeth R.

Thank you is all I can say. This shop is the go-to place for me when it comes to my hobby. I rate this five out of five stars!