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What Insiders are Saying about Sports Authority

Sports Authority in Bloomingdale, IL


By Isao E.

This Sports Authority is my favorite sporting goods store. They always have cool equipment to look at and I like the clothes they carry. I usually buy sports jerseys of Cubs and Bears players from here. They also have a nice selection of golf clubs at great prices. One thing I don't like is that they don't really have any "experts" on staff. When I need help deciding which golf club or shoe to use, I can't get any good advice from the people working there.

Sports Authority in Dallas, TX


By William W.

Very nice store with wide selection of sporting items. It was an excellent shopping experience. Highly recommended. Store is neat, clean and all items well presented. This is a customer friendly store with an excellent sales staff.

Sports Authority in Westminster, CO


By Sarah S.

This place is great if you want to buy skis, snowboards or any other snow sport equipment you might need. They've almost always got sales and good deals going on. They've got a very knowledgeable staff who will help answer questions. Plus they've got all sorts of other sports equipment too.

Sports Authority in Las Vegas, NV


By Erika D.

this store offers a great selection on sporting goods. they have just about everything you need for every sport imaginable. the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable , ready to answer any questions you might have about a particular item. they have great deals weekly. i alway buy my son's sporting needs here. School activities always require some particular spike heels shoes, so this is where I buy them.

Sports Authority in Los Angeles, CA


By Jon S.

Customer Service here sucks. The staff doesn't know anything about the products. I asked someone about a particular item and he had to ask 3 of his co-workers until he could finally answer me. The parking sucks. There is a ramp that goes underground and it is really steep, which causes your car to scrape. A few suggestions to improve this place might be to educate the employees about the products, stop letting them chat all the time while working, clean the place up a bit, and fix the parking!

Sports Authority in New York, NY


By Cara L.

I first would like to apologize to Modellā??s Sporting Goods. I cheated on and thereā??s nothing I can do change that, and Iā??ve also decided to leave for the other store so just let me go (lol). Sports Authority one of the few place that I know where you can walk in and find equipment among other necessities for every single sport including the individual activities. As much as I love watching basketball I would rather go diving in my spare time. Furthermore, I donā??t want to break my pockets paying for the charges that come with shopping at a specialty store. Though I will admit some of the items can be a bit pricey, at least everything you need is at your finger tips. If I want camping gear I donā??t have to worry about roaming through half an aisle reserved for camping essentials and trying to figure out where I can buy everything else I need after buying some lighter fuel and only one brand of tent. I also donā??t have to wait at the side of a counter while the sales associate is on the phone with the other stores checking for an item that should have been made available by at least three different brands. As a customer I like having choices and I choose Sports Authority for all my sporting needs.

Sports Authority in Trenton, NJ


By Greg H.

I continue to be amazed by this place. I am a frequent shopper at the store. I shop here because of the fair prices and quality customer service. I spend most of my time shopping for gym equipment and workout clothes. The staff there is exceptionally knowledgeable. There is this guy, Jay, in the fitness department, he has an amazing memory. He first sold me a treadmill in December, and ever since I have been a loyal customer of his. I often ask him his opinion on different products, techniques, etc- not only will he give me information but he'll follow up with me on my next visit. I can't think of any retailers that have employees that involved in their customers to that degree. Surely it is a positive refection of both the business model and management of the company. Shop here, you will be pleasantly surprised! -Greg

Sports Authority in San Diego, CA


By Phillip L.

this store has EVERYTHING, shoes, sporting gear, what more could you ask for. I go here just to play with the putter! its great. huge selection of running, casual, athletic shoes and everything you need for any sport out there.

Sports Authority in Emeryville, CA


By Scott L.

This sports authority has always given me great customer service and has always had everything I've needed. Whether it be a set of golf gloves, to a ski jacket, Sports Authority always seems to satisfy my needs. I have plenty of friends that boast about the deals they find here.

Sports Authority in Sterling, VA


By Sue C.

Huge store and pretty well organised. Plenty of staff on the floor to help. This store recently remodelled and sports a better look. However, I have found that the staff is not very welcoming and cooperative, especially if you have discount coupons and stuff.

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