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Sprint in Lewisville, AR


By A P.

I have Sprint service for my cell phone. It was the only place that offered good coverage inside my house (near Lake Lewisville). I have not had any problems with using Sprint for all of my cellular services. The staff at this store were very professional and helpful.

Sprint in Centennial, WY


By janet f.

Pretty bad customer service. Went in and gentleman with last name "Hall" refused to turn music down so I could hear, and just said, "You have to deal with telesales, we can't help you" and didn't offer any more useful information. Supervisor came out and was helpful, and John was helpful. But I was astonished when, asking, can you turn down the music so I can hear you, I was answered with, "In a minute", and he continued on his grudging way not acknowledging me. Unbelieveably poor customer service from that person.

Sprint in Katy, TX


By Anonymous P.

I like this place and it is nice being in the mall but I do not feel like they have all that I need them too. They are frequently out of something or do not carry it. However, that being said, they do have several great items and are always super nice. It is just difficult if you are looking for something specific.

Sprint in Las Vegas, NM


By Jean G.

The manager was completely rude and obviously did not want my business. I would not recommend them and highly recommend you go to corporate Sprint store.

Sprint in Huntington Park, CA


By Monica E.

Sprint has great cell phones and a variety of accessories for your cell phone type and needs, been having business with sprint for a few years and they get better phones each year every time.

Sprint in New York, NY


By John I.

Revolutionary business tool in which you have the capabilities to get in touch with anyone , anywhere, at any time by just the push of a button. No more dropped calls, no busy signal, instant joy and best part your not even using cellular minutes. Free incoming is a great feature. Service is ver good, I would recommend this to anyone that has a large family or big group of friends. Nextel it's how business gets done.

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