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What Insiders are Saying about Sprint

Sprint in Snellville, GA


By Daniel G.

The phone service provided by Sprint PCS is great. When I went up there to add a new phone, I was going to get a Samsung, but then they showed me a Sanyo for the same price they thought I might like better and it turns out I did. It had many more features that I would use for the same price. The customer service there is very helpful and insightful. I've only had one dropped call the whole time I've had them when I was in a building with a lot of concrete walls. PROS: Great service and phone coverage CONS: Employees paid on commission

Sprint in Houston, AK


By Sally H.

Beautiful Signs. I am running for political office in Missouri City Texas. I hired Sprint to print my political signs and they did a great job.

Sprint in Monrovia, CA


By sarah g.

The sprint store in Monrovia is great. THeir location is great, the people are great and the products are cool! But the service itself sucks. I don't get signal in some areas where you think you would get it, like part of Las Vegas and over my house. I don't live in a non-populated area. I live in a suburb near Magic Mt. I don't have that great of a plan, but my bill is kind of high. I wouldn't recommend Sprint service to others. PROS: CONS: I dont get a great signal in ALOT of places

Sprint in Upper Darby, PA


By fee r.

the sprint phones and plans are not bad but the customer sevices will make you bleed through through eyes for petty things. I had sprint for almost 4 years . I will not recommend it to any one they have gradually gone down.

Sprint in San Diego, CA


By Di L.

When you first come in at this store, first thing you will notice is how corteous are the staffs are and they offer amazing assistance throughout your buying process.

Sprint in Pittsburg, CA


By Valorie S.

This is one of those highly motivated sales places. Tho you may come for customer service issues, a salesman will attempt to sell you something. If you do have a sprint phone currently and you want to upgrade. They will try to sell you something expensive. And when making the switch after your purchase, they will sometimes change your plan as they see fit. One way is to start you in a new contract, which means commission to the seller. The products are fantastic, and the presentation in the store is appealing. But you need to take care to make sure that your plan is exactly as you want it. They don't like to take old phones and they do not want to assist in transferring numbers from the old phone to the new phone. I actually had it done a few years ago, but lately they say it cannot be done. PROS: Excellent products CONS: High pressure sales environment.

Sprint in Tukwila, WA


By Eric B.

Better Service, no long lines, friendly and knowledgeable staff... but no repair center... my new sprint home for non-repair issues. I had an issue with my telephone, that i recently purchased at the super busy corporate store, and even though they didn't sell it to me, they took 30 minutes explaining my options and eventually resolving my issue... When i go to the other store, i'm given a number like at the DMV, these guys welcomed me immediately, and if they are helping someone at the time, they still acknowledge me... Props to the CC Comm guys, they are my new Sprint home for anything and everything... LOW PRICES TOO!