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What Insiders are Saying about Staples

Staples in Alpharetta, GA


By Jarvis T.

I want to send a personal recommendation to not only the staff of Staples/Alpharetta, Ga, but specifically to the print/copy specialist Jake. His ability to perfect an idea from concept to support, is beyond basic customer service. I truly hope this message reaches someone capable of advancing him towards successes that would allow him to fully utilize his capabilities in a way that Staples Corporation could appreciate him the most. Should anyone have any questions regarding the quality of his work, please feel free to ask me directly. Sincerely, Jarvis Talley PS, the management is just as commendable for their support and dedication to seeing customers happy.

Staples in Worcester, MA


By Nny ..

Best staples around. Managers and employees are very helpful. I go out of my way to go to this staples over other ones that are closer to me. Bring you broken PC in to get fix!

Staples in Oak Lawn, IL


By Alexander D.

Actually I've been in this store numerous of times... I've bought my desktop with all the things that were needed like my printer, plan, hard drive, software and some tech services to get it all set up and I always get great customer service... Pedro, along with Victor, Kevin, Jose and the rest of the team are always very courteous!

Staples in Burleson, TX


By Leoneta G.

This store is well located and very well laid out. Their prices are competitive & they quite often have refunds/rebates available to help you save money. They have well stocked shelves for school & business supplies.

Staples in Denver, CO


By Jane W.

Your staff at the Denver Colorado store is great. And they are vey friendly on the phone too. Keep up the good work!

Staples in North Las Vegas, NV


By Mike A.

I had bought an item and was talked into buying the protection plan that I really didn't want, so I called the store manager Dan and told him that I did not want it he said come on in. So I get there and he says he is unable to refund. Buyer beware. I am from the east coast and the service is a night a day difference from here. District Manager you should fire this guy not make the new manager for your new store at Town square? Wake up people!

Staples in Glendale, AZ


By Ryan H.

Awesome place to shop for office or school supplies. The prices are pretty decent and I always walk out with whatever I needed. They are well stocked and well organized. The employees are super helpful. They will even take heavy items right to your car. I recommend this Staples.

Staples in Flushing, MI


By Sandi D.

This one has a friendly, helpful staff. It is never crowded and has plenty of parking. They are always well stocked and the sales dept. know how to help me with my computer problems.

Staples in Philadelphia, MO



I visited staples and received the best service ever!!! I was quickly greeted by Eric and then he asked me what I needed help with and I explained the detailed project I was working on and he quickly assessed the entire situation and immeditely started going from aisle to aisle to make sure i had all i needed

Staples in San Diego, CA


By Stephanie C.

I decided I would take a class; my class required some print outs. Every time I've gone to the copy center and Jesse is working- my prints/posters come out AWESOME! Everyone in the class loved them too! Even if there is a wait, he's there to assure me he's got it covered, letting me know where he's at in the process too. Jesse's got great customer service skills, and excellent communication- it's the exact reason why I continue to come back to Staples, college Ave.

Staples in Vacaville, CA


By Bridget C.

Staples has what I'm looking for in stock nearly every time I'm there. The one time they didn't, they ordered it and had it shipped overnight to my house for free. Staff is helpful and courteous - shopping carts are great when you're taking the kids in.

Staples in Seattle, WA


By Beth C.

I was looking for a very particular piece of poster board for a really important school project. The board was to be a specific width, length and had to be made by a particular company. I thought this was going to be really hard. No way. I walked into Staples on Saturday morning at 10 AM and was immediately greeted by a representative. I actually laughed at her because I hadn't even had a chance to look around before she asked me if she could help me find anything. She pointed me to the right spot and asked if she could help with anything else. I was so impressed! Staples really made my life easier this Saturday morning.

Staples in Chantilly, VA


By Danny C.

These guys go the extra mile! Their staff is helpful and seems to know what's going on and how to do things. Everything is sorted in a way that is easy to find and the prices really are good. Stop shopping at Wal-mart and go to places like Staples! The checkout was fast and done with. I was asked while browsing if I needed help with anything by one male employee, I told him I wanted this certain kind of desk and he said to hold on for just a second and he came out within 2 minutes with the box for the desk and asked if it was still what I wanted. I took a second look and bought it, and he helped me take it to the register, then outside into my car. Very helpful and friendly. I hope this place continues it's streak, because I will be here often-- I go to school in Richmond now but when I come home to Chantilly, I hope to be able to get more supplies and furniture from this particular location!

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