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State Farm Insurance in Kennesaw, GA


By Mia R.

I sent my mother to get her renters insurance there since the ad said they spoke Spanish and I living in Macon couldn't be there to help. They were great and the spanish representative there Norma was so helpful. She called to let us know everything was taken care of and switched her auto too and was able to save her a ton on her car insurance as well. My mother was ecstatic that someone was able to help her in her own language. Nice to know service like this still exists.

State Farm Insurance in Merrimack, NH


By Brenda M.

They are a joy to work with. I've used them for the past 8 years or so. If I need anything I pick up the phone and speak with Jody. Always meet or exceed my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone looking for insurance needs.

State Farm Insurance in La Porte, TX


By Dawn C.

Not only do we have the best rates around, and no one can beat them,we always have very friendly and easy service with them. It's easy to add or take offa vehicle.

State Farm Insurance in Las Vegas, NM


By George O.

This State Farm Insurance office has got to be one of the best around as they staff are great (very friendly, pleasant, accommodating, and understanding). For example, when my wife got into a car accident, they were on the ball, and reassured us that everything would be taken care of. They recommended that she go to a chiropractor to get everything checked out, and my wife did eventually need some adjustments, physical therapy and massage therapy to feel better! Even though our house now is located a lot farther away from this office than it used to be, we still have no thoughts of changing agents. Randi and Leslie there take care of you! PROS: Great staff and customer service! CONS:

State Farm Insurance in Torrance, CA


By todd m.

I have never had much luck dealing with Insurance Agents in the past. It always seemed like they just wanted to write something quick and get me out the door. Dave Turley is just the opposite. Dave took the time to understand and clarify what my needs are based on many different criteria. He knows what he is talking about and was able to guide me towards the coverage I needed for auto, home, and life. He explained what my current coverage was and took the time to explain what everything meant and why he was suggesting some changes in my coverage. If you are in need of insurance or guidance Dave Turley is a great guy to go see.

State Farm Insurance in Great Neck, NY


By Wynn P.

I would definitely refer this agency to anyone. I insured my car, my apartment, and got life insurance for less than i was paying for just car insurance with geico. I was able to get a quote and bind coverage right over the phone. They also explained to me what i was buying. No other company ever took the time to do that. Definitely worth calling these guys.

State Farm Insurance in San Diego, CA


By Carlos N.

Lazaro Netos is my current agent and by far has been the best agent i have had in a real long time. I have been driving for 19 years and have never had a more involved agent as i have now with Lazaro. I am so happy that he is my agent. The whole staff is really good. I dearly hope somebody else can enjoy my agent the way I am. I pay reasonable amount for my insurance and receive easily the best customer service I have ever received. I hope you can go check Lazaro out.

State Farm Insurance in Washington, D.C.


By Meagan C.

I currently get my renters and care insurance with this agency. I have shopped around before purchasing these insurance items and found this agency has some of the better deals in the area. My agent is a great guy and I really trust him. I feel comfortable having such a great agent taking care of my needs.

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