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Stride Ride has been crafting and testing kids shoes for more than 85 years and has succeeded in creating a kid-sustainable shoe. Find Stride Rite Shoes locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Stride Rite Shoes

Stride Rite Shoes in New Town, MA


By Melanie R.

This is a good store for kids shoes. Stride Rite is as good as you get. The store is located in the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua. They always have a good selection. I like the store because they have a lot of wide shoes. Their prices are high but the quality is good so that can outweigh the price. The shoes are sturdy and welll made. Employees are nice and very helpful. They can measure the child nad find the best shoe for each child.

Stride Rite Shoes in Downey, CA


By Lisette C.

I have found many cool shoes at this store and have been greatly suprised at the prices since they are pretty good prices for the shoes you're getting. I like the variety of shoes since for me atlease ive found it hard to find good casual shoes and good dressy shoes at the same store. I was very happy with my purchases and the sales associates were helpful.

Stride Rite Shoes in Woodbridge, NJ


By Renee B.

The sales people in this store go beyond what you are asking for. Apparently there are many different "stages" to shoes now. They have shoes for babies that are just starting to pull themselves up. The tip of the shoe helps them. The sales associate suggested these for my child as my child still has to work on pulling up before she can walk. The sales person measured her feet and showed me what a good fit "felt" like. They send coupons to your house every now and then too. The store was clean and organized.

Stride Rite Shoes in San Jose, CA


By Jennifer H.

stride rite shoes is a store that sells shoes to correct walking problems and they also sell normal shoes. the selection is great and all the shoes look so normal so you cannot tell if they were correctional shoes. now your kids can "stride rite" the quality is super and you do get what you pay for so the prices are average. great store to buy your kids some shoes, and they last a mighty long time too.