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What Insiders are Saying about Subaru

Subaru in New York, NY


By Riva M.

We have Sbarro's here in Los Angeles and I was real hesitent about getting it when I was in New York Years ago.... We were atop of the Twin Towers I believe and my daughter said she wanted some... Well... We got a piece and it was DELICOUS.. I was amazed..... Better then any other pizza I had yet in NY.... Two days later we went to the one on Broadway, they had a salad bar with everything Italian in it, Catalone that was unbelieveable.... Everything was delicous and the place was immaculate..... The pizza is so big that 2 people can split 1 piece if they are not totally starving..... I know eat there pizze here in L.A. in the malls and am amazed at how good it is when all I thought it ever could be was fast good pizza which it is not... PROS: DELICOUS, DELICOUS, DELICOUS CONS:

Subaru in Glen Burnie, MD


By Jen A.

Last week my family chose Sbarro for our family night out dinner. We arrived at 8:35pm and the employees would not serve us. They told us they were getting ready to close and had already turned off the ovens for the night. The sticker on the door stated the hours of operation were util 9pm. My family and I will never eat at Sbarro! PROS: I can't think of one... CONS: Hours of operation