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What Insiders are Saying about Super Shuttle

Super Shuttle in Dallas, GA


By M R.

Super Shuttle provides pick up service from your home or work to and from the airport. It is easy to order, either by phone or online. They charge about $30 roundtrip which is cheaper than getting a taxi from certain locations. The shuttle is usually a van, so you don't have to worry about your luggage not fitting, if your family is taking several luggage items. You don't have to worry about paying parking at the airport either.

Super Shuttle in Denver, CO


By kelsey a.

The driver, who is independent of the company, was wonderful. The company however, sucks. The people working the phones are rude and nasty. Even if you have to walk from Denver to Boulder in the snow, it would be preferrable to dealing with the mean unprofessional people working at Super Shuttle. If there are good employees there, it is unfortunate for them because there is NO way I woud ever suggest soemone deal with these sad, sad people.

Super Shuttle in Long Island City, NY


By Steve A.

Pretty reliable for pickup service to the airport. I normally will use them to get to Newark or JFK, and not LGA (using car service is just a couple bucks more, and much faster). Do allow plenty of time for pickup because they make lots of rounds, and likely that these passengers are getting late. I once have a woman in my car, and her flight was leaving in 2 hours. Were still heading to JFK when shes trying to get to LGA. PROS: cheap CONS: takes too long

Super Shuttle in San Diego, CA


By Kathleen S.

Cloud 9 Shuttle is the only shuttle I will use to get to the airport. Their drivers are friendly and courteous. They help you with your luggage. They are always on time. Their vehicles are clean and in good running order.