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What Insiders are Saying about Supercuts

Supercuts in Marietta, GA


By Wendy C.

My husband get his hair cut at this location occasionally if he is in the area and needs a cut. He likes it because you can always just walk in and there is no wait. He says he has never seen the same stylist in there and rarely any customers. It is a cheap haircut and you get what you pay for.

Supercuts in Franklin, AL


By Amy W.

I have been going to other Supercuts for a long time and was happy when one was available closer to my home. The store looks great, and the three times I've gone I've been really happy with my cut. The girls are all friendly and polite, and it seems like they're great with kids, too. And, as with any Supercuts, you just can't beat the price!

Supercuts in Des Plaines, IL


By Jim C.

Looking for a great cut in the Des Plaines area? Look to Super Cuts on Lee Street. Call to see what Miriams schedule looks like and go down to see her. I go to her about every two weeks. I get a short haircut. She can do a great fade. She recommends styles and products too. She really knows what she is doing. She is not afraid to hear a request, or idea. She works with you for what is best for you. The cuts are generally $11.95 but you wont mind paying. I have seen her do long hair cust for the ladies too. Next time See Miriam, she has dark hair and dar complexion

Supercuts in Irving, IL


By Mary J.

I went in to get my daughter's hair cut. She wanted to get her hair cut short. Her hair was to her bottom and she is 6. I asked if they donate hair to Lock of love for children with cancer and they did, so we proceeded to get her hair cut there. The lady who cut her hair was very nice and patient as my daughter squirmed while she was cutting her hair. The hair was starting to tickle her neck as it was cut. They braided her hair and tied it wiht a ribbon to send onto locks of love. My daughter was excited that she could help someone that would need hair. The salon did a good job in making my daughter feel good about anew hair cut and told her how pretty she looked with her noew do. PROS: Very nice staff CONS:

Supercuts in Stafford, CT


By Anna I.

VERY happy with my cut and color. I plan to return. They really do listen when you tell them what you want.

Supercuts in Lasvegas, NV


By Jackie w.


Supercuts in Shorthills, NJ


By catherine n.

I have been going to the Supercuts in Short Hills, NJ for over two years. One great thing about the Supercuts franchise is the price of a haircut. You cannot get a cheaper haircut anywhere else. You do not need an appointment, you can just walk-in and you usually have to wait just a couple of minutes. The hair stylists are all great. Everytime I leave I feel like I have gotten a salon-style haircut without paying salon prices.

Supercuts in Norristown, PA


By Douglas L.

The best hair stylist I have ever had in my life is Desiree C. She is an experienced professional who advised me about the style and treatment of my hair, and then took the time to do the best job possible. She continues to improve my hair each time I get it styled by her. Desiree is so friendly and customer oriented and I can tell how much they like her when she interacts with them. If all Supercut employees were like her I believe Supercut's business would literally explode, and I hope that they consider her to be a highly valued employee and recognize her accordingly..

Supercuts in Sandiego, CA


By staci c.

She has been cutting my hair for 19 years, wow it's been that long. She now cuts hair for my children too. She is the only hairdresser I trust. Thanks Theresa!!!

Supercuts in Napa, CA


By Don P.

Tsana has been cutting my hair for several years now. I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else! She's fast, accurate, friendly and extremely good at what she does. The 15 mile drive to her store is well worth it, in fact I just called to see if she is going to be in today so I can get that long overdue haircut. Don Paden Vallejo, Ca.

Supercuts in Seattle, WA


By Maleeta G.

There is usually no wait, to minimal wait when you come here. I've always had a great style, to my difficult to style hair. Not only that it doesn't cost the price of a fancy salon.

Supercuts in Washington, D.C.


By Cathy g.

My stylist is Ray who used to work at the Conneticut Avenue Supercuts that recently closed.If anyone is looking for him,he now works at Bubbles Salon on Connecticut Avenue. Bubbles Salon (202-966-2505).

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