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What Insiders are Saying about T Mobile

T Mobile in Atlanta, GA


By elizabeth c.

I love T Mobile, I have been with them for over 3 years now and the service just keeps getting better. They have a great family plan that is awesome. Plans are pretty inexpensive compared to other wireless companies I have seen. I am very pleased with this cellular provider and do not thing i will ever change from them. The staff is great and you can find t mobile everywhere!

T Mobile in Cambridge, IA


By pam d.

I do not use them but I do hear they are good to get a phone from and from all their cathrina zita commercials it looks nice. i do not know the price here but call if you need to. I heard good things about them though. I do not know anyone who has this service.

T Mobile in Schaumburg, IL


By huicha k.

had a great time at this salon. the price was more on the expensive side but it was worth it. I went in and they had great friendly service. They're on time with their appts as well. Not only did they do a great job on my hair; it was done exactly how I wanted it, which was never been done before. They're very detailed.

T Mobile in Plano, IA


By Jill H.

I went to T-Mobile to obtain a Sidekick device and their products and plans are better than any other cell phone company out there. I had Sprint as my cell service and will be switching to T-Mobile this weekend. I would recommend this store to anyone for their friendly staff and they have a great manager.

T Mobile in Greeley, CO


By L P.

Have been a t-mobile customer for years and wanted to add another line to the service. Called T-Mobile, they wanted me to jump through hoops to get the phone I wanted. It took them almost an HOUR to figure out how to get the phone I wanted to me. I finally gave up in frustration. I went to the mall thinking that maybe the kiosk fellows would be able to complete a simple task for me. They not only got the phone to me that I wanted, they gave it to me for FREE. They also took the time to set the phone up and explain the features to me. They were friendly and I was out of there in about 15 minutes total (it only took them about 5 minutes to actually add the phone and set the phone up, but I had questions for them about the phone which they were happy to answer). I definately would do business with them again. PROS: Fast, Friendly and Competent CONS: None

T Mobile in Spring, TX


By Kenny B.

This T mobile location, although very small it is helpful and they have always given me great deals, and a few times they have thrown stuff in I needed for free of charge. They service is pretty good, although sometimes having to wait its location is easy to get too and I would recommend it to friends.

T Mobile in Las Vegas, NM


By Steve K.

I got my mobile phone here. The staff was helpful when helping me to figure out which plan is fit best for me. They have many great plans you can choose from. My connection works great as well.

T Mobile in Corona, CA


By jamie a.

My hair never loked better!!! I am so happy i found Vicoria!!She does an an amazing job and my hair looks so cute! The price was really good and i was surprised since she does such a great job. She is truly wonderful. Her shop is clean and so pretty!!!

T Mobile in Philadelphia, MO


By Regina F.

This TMobile location does have some real good deals on phones and the plans. However, TMobile phones are not the greatest. My phone always cuts in and out. One day I will have service ( with all the bars) but other days in the same spot I have no bars, which means no service. I would not suggest you going to TMobile because there are others that are better.

T Mobile in San Diego, CA


By howard c.

my daughter breaks her phone all the time so I dont have expensive cell phone service. She had tmobile service so it saves me money in the long run. This shop repairs her tmobile phone very fast for affordable prices. I always pay my tmobile bill here. It's only $3 versus $5 on the phone with t-mobile. Tmobile has good service for her.

T Mobile in Concord, AR


By Chris J.

I recently got a newer phone from T-Mobile and its got a lot more feautures than the old one. I really like my pre-paid T-Mobile to go minutes because they are so cheap!

T Mobile in Redmond, OR


By Hello W.

I had a incident at the store and the manager at the store called me personally tommorrow to apologize for the incident. Kudos to the great customer satisfaction spirit in these troubled economic times.

T Mobile in Bowie, AZ


By Eleanor F.

This store is one of the cleanest stores i have ever been into. They have a great selection of merchandise and great prices. They have clean bathrooms and a very friendly staff.

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