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What Insiders are Saying about Taco Bell

Taco Bell in Alpharetta, GA


By MamaBear B.

Pros: Cheap prices for GREAT food. Cons: Nothing My favorite: Fully loaded nachos. Yum yum. And you must try their Fruitista Freeze. Every flavor is great.

Taco Bell in Chicago, IL


By Martha B.

How doesn't this place have a million amazing reviews. The staff here is more pleasant then fancy expensive diners. Hands down best service ever

Taco Bell in Las Vegas, NM


By T B.

This location is better than the next closest. The food is always hot and MOST of the time they remember our special orders. We often order our tacos without lettuce and return home to find lettuce on our tacos at other locations. This location has done that to us about 2 times in the last year. You do have to be careful with your drinks at the drive thru. The do not fill them all the way and you have to hand them back the cups to top up. The inside is pretty clean but the restrooms have been a mess both times I had ventured to use them. PROS: Food is always hot. CONS: Does not fill drinks completely.

Taco Bell in Philadelphia, MO


By Nisha P.

This is so gooood!!! This is very cheap, so realyl good for college students and is fast food. This isnt authentic but still taste so good.

Taco Bell in La Jolla, CA


By Jose C.

Their Bacon and Cheddar Gordita Crunch is amazing and they also have this awesome cashier named Jose who always makes me feel right at home whenever he's there

Taco Bell in San Mateo, CA


By Jason K.

The value menu is great. You can often score a delicious burrito for 99 cents. Where else are you going to get value like that? The food is tasty, the staff were good, the price was right. PROS: CONS: No drive through at this location

Taco Bell in Bonney Lake, WA


By Shawnie A.

they have a really nice blonde curly haired night manager I think her name is sarah! She always goes out of her way to help people. She is very quick and accurate on the food. I never wait when she is working. I dont think she works on the weekends though my food is always messed up and takes forever. And usually they are out of something important like beef or chips! So as long as I go on a week night that place is great!!

Taco Bell in Alexandria, AL


By Sean A.

I can't get enough of that Dorito's taco. When they come out with the ranch version I plan on having a party.

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