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What Insiders are Saying about Talbots

Talbots in Nashua, NH


By Melanie R.

This store has wonderful clothing but you pay the price. They do have excellent sales. Clothing is made very well. I like going in to this store knowing I probably could not afford to buy anything. The employees are very nice and friendly. They are there to help you decide what looks best. You can get alot of great items on clearance at the end of the season. This store is located at the Pheasant Lane Mall right off of Route 3.

Talbots in Skokie, IL


By Jeanne L.

Beautiful, well-tailored clothing for women and children. A little-known fact is that Talbot's carries heirloom-quality Christening outfits for children.

Talbots in Arlington, AL


By Katie R.

I have found beautiful suits there for $20 and less. There are often sales with up to 75% off the lowest ticketed price, allowing me to get items for up to 90% off the original price (yes, 90%!). The store also has a small shoe department and some kids stuff. There is a section devoted to samples (usually selling pants and such for $15) as well as a section of some damaged/irregular merchandise

Talbots in Littleton, CO


By Pat r.

For when your kids need to dress up this place is great. The clothes are very classy. The staff is kid friendly. The store is clean. The merchandise is exspesnive.

Talbots in Houston, TX


By Diana P.

This is a wonderful store with varied merchandise, laid out so it is easy to navigate and well trained and friendly sales associates plus a range of prices.

Talbots in Henderson, AR


By Angela T.

Talbot's is a great source for classic clothing in petite and misses sizes. I enjoy shopping at Talbot's becuase I know that I can always find clothes that fit and will be in style for years to come. Unlike other petite sections at department stores where many of the clothes look to matronly. The petite section at "The District" is smaller than many other Talbots locations, but they still have a good selection of casual and business attire. Talbots clothes are a little pricey, but the quality and selection are worth the extra money. This is a good place to start building a wardrobe!

Talbots in Ridgewood, NJ


By Amy W.

Maybe it is because I have been going here for years. Or maybe it is because the people working here are so helpful. Whatever it is, this is the best Talbot's in the area. It is a large and spacious store that is very clean. The people are always very friendly and eager to help you. They offer great suggestions for people who might be a little lost and not sure what they are looking for. the clothes are top notch and always look great even after time. It is quality merchandise. It is located off the main street (near the park) and sometimes (especially on weekends) it can be hard to find parking. Great store!

Talbots in Doylestown, OH


By Claire R.

Talbots is, well, Talbots. Either you dress this way or you don't. But if you are going their, Doylestown is a good choice. Lots of additional fashionale clothing choices. And nice places for lunch!

Talbots in Corte Madera, CA


By Molly B.

This is a great candle and decoration shop! I love going in here even if it's just to look around, although I'm always tempted to buy some of their good smelling candles. My favorite time to go here is around the holidays because they really do have excellent seasonal decorations. I also like checking out the after holidays sales. You can find some really good deals on items that are listed as holiday, but can work any time of year. Great customer service too!

Talbots in Bellevue, IA


By Jennifer W.

I have gone into Talbot's once for some clothes for the office. I thought the clothes were too bland and conservative for my taste. Although the clothes are not my style, they do look like they are of good quality and reasonable price. Another plus is that Talbot's does carry petite sizes.

Talbots in Washington, AR


By Cathryn C.

This is a gem of a store. The quality is top and the people who work there above the top. I have bought everything from coats to shoes to jewelry there. All have been superb. But mostly I love this store for the people. Ask if you have questions. They will give their opinions tactfully and honestly. They will order stuff for you and call you when it is in. They will tell you when they are expecting merchandise. They will refer you graciously if they need to I love it. Go.