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What Insiders are Saying about Target

Target in Carrollton, AL


By Susan C.

A lot of stores are just not clean . Wet floors or sticky , this Target in Carrollton , Ga. is SUPER clean , even the bathrooms , which to me is very important . They always seem to have everything in stock , good prices , sales papers available , and return policy that works . If your thristy or want a snack they have a snack bar just as you come in , and it is always very clean too . Give them a try , I 've never had to wait in line long . PROS: Everything . CONS: Some traffic , which is everywhere .

Target in Seekonk, MA


By Christina P.

We had a great experience with HHP - their whole team made the experience easy - not something easily done with a newborn. The photos from our newborn shoot came out great and my family is very pleased

Target in West Dundee, IL


By Crazy J.

I shop at this target a lot and recently they've started remodeling everything and moving everything arounnd which is very agravating. I was just getting used to knowing what I needed and running through there and getting it but I've found that the employees are about as lost as me but very willing to show anyone where something has moved to and are very apologetic and sympathetic to the immense shift in product location. Plus I have had very great customer service at this store before. My girlfriend and I have recently moved into a big house and in the spring we went to target to buy about 2,000 dollars of patio furniture. We weren't the only ones there but we recieved a very curtious and attentive experience from this employee named Marcia. She was simply amazing. I look for her when I go there from now on if i have any questions. They have a very friendly staff and if you catch someone that doesn't know how to answer your question they are usually not embarrassed to ask someone who does rather than tell you that it's across the store and then have you walk over there only to ask again, and find out that it was actually right around where you asked the first person. PROS: Great customer service, knowledgeable staff, very friendly, never too busy CONS: Remodeling their store up until august of 2006

Target in Euless, TX


By J. R.

Target is great. I would go to Target every day if I had time. They have great products and wonderful service.

Target in Castle Rock, CO


By Ken J.

I love this place. They always have really good clearance on clothes and electronics. The store is pretty new and very clean. The staff are friendly.

Target in Webster, FL


By C A.

I love this store for the quantity of merchandise, convenience of groceries, good stock, prescription service, customer service, and overall just a good place to shop. They have a very clean store. PROS: A good clean store CONS:

Target in Las Vegas, NM


By Diana L.

I go to tons of Targets in town. Although this one is located in the far SW of town, my mom lives near there and I go whenever I can. It's nice and clean and quiet. I always find items there that I haven't seen at other stores until much later. I think they organize and display there items better. The toy department never looks like a tornado hit it. The people who shop in this location also seem to be of a better caliber.

Target in Valencia, CA


By Angel G.

This newly remodeled location is great! It has a nice atmosphere and things are laid out well and are more easy to find. It is clean and the bathrooms are usually in good order.

Target in Brooklyn, AL


By Jay S.

Target stores in general have really great prices on quality items for the home and people in the home. This particular store has a very large grocery section, including frozen foods. The children's clothing selection is smaller than in other Target stores that I have visited so many times they will be out of stock on a particular size, color or style that I am looking for. Lines here are average. There are maybe 20 or more registers to checkout at, half of which are usually open with a competent and quick cashier. Target also has a very easy return/exchange policy and unless it is Christmas season, the Customer Service reps are quick to help.

Target in Springfield, AR


By John just doesn't know M.

The Target in Brandywine/Wilmington has 1 floor and the Springfield Target has 2 floors. Only wankers think otherwise! I Certainly believe that's worth $5.

Target in Chula Vista, CA


By Lourdes C.

Decent prices, good selection. Great wine section. Love the clearance sections. Usually find what I am looking for at a good price.

Target in Livermore, CA


By Soundarya R.

Of all the targets we have been to, this is the one with a very good collection of toys and dresses.The staff are very friendly and help us to find what we are looking for.The thing I couldn't forget about this Target is this place was so colorful when we went inside!

Target in Sumner, WA


By Jennifer H.

I'm in Bonney Lake one day a week and I save all my shopping just so I can do it here. There's never a crowd. They make sure they have enough registers open so you never have to wait in line. Although it's been mentioned, I also have to add that their clearance items are the best. It's my favorite part of shopping at Target. The employees are all friendly, and they can all help you find what you're looking for. I've never been met with a blank face when trying to find something.

Target in Bowie, AZ


By Eleanor F.

This store is one of the cleanest stores i have ever been into. They have a great selection of merchandise and great prices. They have clean bathrooms and a very friendly staff.

About Target

Target was founded in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the sixth largest retailer in the U.S., Target sells more gift cards than any other retailer and is the third largest seller of music. Target differentiates itself from other discount retailers by focusing on more trend-setting merchandise that often features know designers. Target's slogan: "Expect More. Pay Less."

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