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What Insiders are Saying about Target

Target in Duluth, GA


By Sandra k.

this business is in a great location but parking is not so fun this store carries a lot of different items like clothes books toys household and many other stuff there prices are great store hours are great I have purchase so many things at this store and I have never had a problem with any thing including returns PROS: location great CONS: parking is bad

Target in Danvers, MA


By mom23boys Y.

How did we ever survive before Target! You can get just about anything here and some great prices. Not too many stores allow you to get a gift, wrapping paper, an outfit to wear to the party and a gallon of milk just in case! Can't go more than a week without a trip to Target just to look! PROS: Great hours! CONS: none!

Target in Niles, IL


By Sana A.

This Target store is nice. It has so many items- from food to clothing. I get all of my bed sheets from here. Their stuff is the best and very reliable.

Target in Burleson, TX


By Mary M.

I love this Starbucks. The people there really know you and if you're a regular it starts to feel like Cheers as they will very soon All know your name. Such a fun place.

Target in Castle Rock, CO


By Ken J.

I love this place. They always have really good clearance on clothes and electronics. The store is pretty new and very clean. The staff are friendly.

Target in Webster, TX


By C A.

I love this store for the quantity of merchandise, convenience of groceries, good stock, prescription service, customer service, and overall just a good place to shop. They have a very clean store. PROS: A good clean store CONS:

Target in Las Vegas, NV


By Diana L.

I go to tons of Targets in town. Although this one is located in the far SW of town, my mom lives near there and I go whenever I can. It's nice and clean and quiet. I always find items there that I haven't seen at other stores until much later. I think they organize and display there items better. The toy department never looks like a tornado hit it. The people who shop in this location also seem to be of a better caliber.

Target in Garden Grove, CA


By Tim N.

I always enjoy shopping at target. They offer a bunch of generic target merchandises for a great price. you can almost always find everything you need here and it's clean. Great convenient place to shop at.

Target in Brooklyn, NY


By Jacqueline G.

Target has incredible Customer Service!!.........I never write reviews. I just don't. I also find that I am more inclined to think about writing a review when I am dissatisfied, however, I couldn't NOT write a review this time. I purchased a clearance entertainment center for 299$ was an awesome deal! However shipping was 139$.....still a great deal for the product. The package came in two packages so I opted to have the office at my old address refuse delivery and then I would re-order. Well, several days later I got one package. I called UPS to ask where the other package was and they said one had been delivered at the old place and one at the new place. I call my old place and they insisted it wasn't there. So now I had 1/2 of an entertainment center. UGH..... WELL i COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG -- THEY WERE AWESOME! FIRST, the rep I got did everything he could to locate another unit online and in the stores so they would just send me it.......but because it was on clearance there were none available......which saddens me because I really wanted it, however, then I started worrying about how they weren't going to refund me because I only had 1/2 the unit. The rep told me I would get a full refund. I know Target took a loss on this product BIG TIME...........however, I can tell you for sure that they saved a customer and not only that but I am MUCH more likely to use them then I was before this situation. I will also make sure all my friends know how wonderful this experience was regarding Target (not UPS though).......Target was great....... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME EXPERIENCE!! THANK YOU KMART!!!

Target in Princeton, NJ


By paula c.

I love this store. I think the other review regarding taking the cart into the dressing room does not reflect the standard of this store. Every store I have ever been to has the same rule - no carts in dressing rooms. This review prompted me to write. I have been going to this store for years and it is ALWAYS a pleasant experience. The store is CLEAN and ORGANIZED. I have never had to wait at a checkout line - even when the store is swamped I never wait more than a few minutes. The selection is great, the prices are great, the store is never chaotic and the employees are always professional and helpful. Everyone I know has the same comments about this store.

Target in San Diego, CA


By victoria I.

i love target!!i always go there for gifts and accessories for my phone or to buy jewlery.i also go there to buy gifts for friends.if i need it they got it. i once went there to buy my sister a necklace and they had a variety of necklaces.for that that store did meet my expectations

Target in Rohnert Park, CA


By P.J. J.

that starbuck smell kind of like a fish. I remember when i was a fishin and my brother Billy Ray he done bagged himself a bigun and we was lookin in this here target and noticed ourselves a good bucket to let him swim bout. I recon this be a good place. My ma once bought herself a gun at the walmart and we was out back firing at the gophers and it made me thinks that we so lucky not to have to go back to that there walmart when wes got ourselfs a gosh darn good target i tell you what.

Target in Sumner, WA


By Jennifer H.

I'm in Bonney Lake one day a week and I save all my shopping just so I can do it here. There's never a crowd. They make sure they have enough registers open so you never have to wait in line. Although it's been mentioned, I also have to add that their clearance items are the best. It's my favorite part of shopping at Target. The employees are all friendly, and they can all help you find what you're looking for. I've never been met with a blank face when trying to find something.

Target in Silver Spring, MD


By Shantice J.

This store is bigger than most Targets in my area. The Woman's clothing department is big with lots of variety. Inside the store is a Pizza hut/ Taco bell which is out of this world. The $1 spot has nice items which are indeed worth more than $1 in value.

About Target

Target was founded in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the sixth largest retailer in the U.S., Target sells more gift cards than any other retailer and is the third largest seller of music. Target differentiates itself from other discount retailers by focusing on more trend-setting merchandise that often features know designers. Target's slogan: "Expect More. Pay Less."

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