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What Insiders are Saying about Terminix

Terminix in Marietta, GA


By Wendy C.

We were having problems with bugs getting into our house so we decided to hire Terminix for general pest control services. We used them for about one year and although there were fewer bugs we still found them in our house. We cancelled the service and decided to spray on our own and seem to have the same results.

Terminix in Framingham, MA


By J G.

When we purchased our house, we knew that there were Termites in the garage, which left a limited time before they were in our house. I called Terminix to give us a quote, and the service man showed up on time and was very friendly. He actually dug up termites and showed us what they look like. We purchased the service and they show up, calling first, exactly on time and leave us a report with what they found. PROS: Professionals, friendly CONS:

Terminix in Sugar Land, TX


By dan l.

This is a great pest control company that gives you the complete solution for treating roaches, termites, pharaoh, fire, and carpenter ants, fleas, ticks, mice, silverfish, spiders, and other pests. They do an excellent job in eliminating your pest. I think they are open 24hours but I am not sure.

Terminix in Simi Valley, CA


By Ernest H.

I'm really impressed at how well this service works in ridding your home, or outside your home, of unwanted pests. They guarantee their work, and if you get any straggler ants or other bugs, they'll come right back out, usually on the same day.

Terminix in Levittown, NY


By Sara R.

Terminix helped me solve an ant problem last year. They are able to take your phone calls twenty four hours a day seven days a week. They offer same day solutions and will get the problem solved the first time. They offer an unlimited lifetime termine protection and total satisfaction of your bug problem or your money will be refunded. They also have the latest treatment technologies to get rid of any sort of bug in your house.

Terminix in Reading, PA


By Pat L.

We had an ant problem this past summer and I called a few places to get some estimates on getting rid of our unwelcomed guests. The guy that I spoke to was kind and very patient with me when he was explaining the services. They came out, took care of the ants and gave us advise on what to do to keep them away. I really reccomend Terminix for those who need to get rid of a pest or two. They really helped us.

Terminix in San Jose, CA


By Laura P.

Our condo association decided it was our condo building unit time to be fumigated by tenting. We all received our notices of this action item. Of course like most in my complex I totally panicked going through everything to getting it fumigation proof. I had got advice from several friends stating oh youâ??re going to have to go to U-Haul and get mattress plastic cover to put each mattress in and get a few extras for all my clothes, linens, cleaning products, dishes, food and what have you. I was thinking this is going to be like moving and so much work. I think we all were concerned about the whole process. Then we had our meeting with the inspector Dutch Perez who went over everything with us. He handled each tenant with kitten gloves and answered all their questions. I liked his approach because we do have a few tenants that are older and nervous about things in general. He managed to make everyone feel at ease. Turns out that really what needs to happen when getting your home ready is get all humans, pets living and plants out of the house. All items that would be put into your mouth or swallowed such as mouthwash, toothpaste, tooth brushes, foods that have been opened even if in Tupperware containers, like pasta cereal, flour, sugarsâ?¦. spices they all need to be put into the bags that they provide, doubled bagged. All foods in the fridge or freezer should be double bagged as well. If you have opened wine bottles or alcohol those needs to be bagged as well. Wine or liquor that is sealed is perfectly safe. But if it makes you feel better take them out of your house, but you really donâ??t need to. Linens, clothes, mattresses, couch & dishes can be left alone as the fumigation gas needs to travel in and out of these items. If you have linens in zip bags that they came in for storage purposes they are fine to be left in them. When you leave your house for the fumigation you just need to go and open all the drawers and doors a little and leave access to either your attic or crawl space. If you have a safe it needs to be open. This really was a smooth transaction. All our other neighbors who have had their buildings fumigated by Terminix all said the same thing. Everyone stated that Dutch Perez & his team where awesome. They were exactly right. I highly recommend Dutch and his team.

Terminix in Clinton, AL


By Bob A.

I tried to find out the location of this store and the woman on the phone was incredibly rude. Her name was Arlesia. She hung up on me when I asked her why I couldn't have the address. Not sure what these people are hiding but WOW.

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