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What Insiders are Saying about The Childrens Place

The Childrens Place in Peachtree City, GA


By angie b.

The Children's Place in Peachtree City has great clothes, prices and customer service. As a frequent customer I have experienced very curtious and helpful employees. It is a great place to shop. PROS: Great prices and service CONS:

The Childrens Place in Watertown, CT


By Tiffany T.

I go to this store a couple times a year and STOCK UP! I usually find one or two key items and get multiple styles. My favorite article of clothing they carry is stretchy knit pants. My oldest daughter is tall and skinny and it's hard to find pants that fit her. My son is a little more "rugged" but they have clothes that fit him, too. And their prices are great! I won't spend $20 (or even $15) on something my kid will outgrow in a couple months and Children's Place seems to understand this!

The Childrens Place in Gurnee, IL


By brenda w.

My children have been going there since they were a year old. They are always very good with all the children. It's very rare when you see a child there that is scared.

The Childrens Place in Irving, IL


By Tess B.

I love this store, they have the cutest clothing and the BEST sales! of course i cant resist buying stuff off sale but when they do have stuff on sale which is always, i ALWAYS find something! the store is clearly marked by age making for easier shopping and the employees are Superb and very helpful!

The Childrens Place in Lakewood, CA


By Erika B.

I used to shop for my kids' clothing at garage sales and thrift stores - splurging at consignment shops. No more! The clearance deals here are cheaper than Goodwill and the clothes are so cute! Everything is coordinated so it is easy to shop and have everthing match. They get new clothing in all the time -so check in often. Save yourself a trip and call ahead to see what kind of deals they have going. PROS: great quality, low prices CONS: none

The Childrens Place in Pasadena, CA


By Kim J.

This is a GREAT store for back to school shopping. I found everything I needed for 2 kids all in one place. The staff was very helpful and even pulled sizes from the back for me. Clothes are good quality and the prices are great as well. PROS: Price, Staff & Quality CONS: none

The Childrens Place in Las Vegas, NM


By yedid h.

they have good deals for people with small budgets. i find shirts for as low as 4.99 and pants and skirts for about 8 dollars a piece. I love mixing and matching from their trendy selections

The Childrens Place in Glendale, AZ


By Soha M.

This is one of my absolute favorite stores to shop for childrens clothing. They offer a great assortment of comfortable, casual clothing for children. They usually run promotions and also offer a reward for using the store credit card. The clothes do not shrink much which is an important point for me.

The Childrens Place in Staten Island, NY


By Lisa A.

I was blown away at how expansive the renovation of The Children's Place is --- gone are the days where I walked past the store, sighing that it just wasn't worth it to go in and squeeze past the crowds and jam packed clothing racks and tables with my tandem stroller! You can REALLY walk in and browse at your leisure now, without apologizing for bumping into someone or feeling that your stroller is in the way (geez, isn't that WHY you are shopping there?!?) They now have an expansive SHOE department, but I went in to check out some clothes for my near-6 month old son. I never thought that shopping for a little boy could be so much fun! I also got a b'day present for twin friends of my daughter's. (same sequin-accented shirt in different colors was available. Some children's clothing store don't offer that!) I spent $98 and received EXCELLENT customer service. One clerk checked the back for sizes I needed, and another added up my items prior to purchasing to see if I had enough to use the coupon I received in the mail. All but one item I purchased was on sale! AND I used a 20% coupon in addition to that! I have just as much fun shopping for my son as I do for my 2 year old daughter when I shop at TCP and I really commend them for the changes they have made in their store. It is just so much more accessible. And, really, when shopping with children, this is a BIG help! Thanks, The Children's Place!

The Childrens Place in King Of Prussia, PA


By Heather M.

I can not say enough good things about this store. The clothes are fantastic and the price is even better. I have always had a good experience visiting this store. The staff have always been super helpful and never a problem when I have had returns.

The Childrens Place in El Cajon, CA


By Alana T.

The Children's Place had really good quality clothing. You can wash over and over and still have an outfit that looks new for hand-me-downs or to give to a friend. They have a wide range of selection and the staff is always so personalble and willing to help. I went in looking for a shower gift and they helped me find something perfect and the price was really so much lower than I had expected to spend. VERY friendly and helpful staff, great prices, good selection - why not shop here for your kids clothes?!?

The Childrens Place in San Jose, CA


By Andrea G.

I love this store. They have a great selection of cute, colorful children's clothes and the prices are reasonable. The quality lasts just long enough for my kids to get full use out of the clothes.

The Childrens Place in Algona, IA


By Joni H.

I wish they would have had a place like this when my kids were younge to get them cloths. The prices are great. I love going there with one of my friends and seeing all the cute stuff in the store. The people are also really friendly and helpful. It is a great place to go for kids cloths...

The Childrens Place in Annapolis, CA


By Mary L.

This is the best children's clothing shop around. There are a variety of cute stylish clothes for boys and girls and the prices are fair. I especially love to browse through the clearance racks. There is always a bargain to be found at this store. I highly recommend Children's Place to anyone shopping for kids clothing. PROS: Pricing CONS: None

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