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What Insiders are Saying about The Finish Line

The Finish Line in Atlanta, GA


By betsy c.

I personally do not know a whole heck of a lot about sneakers but my husband loves this store. He says you can get very hard to find shoes there and the prices are are unbeatable. He loves the selection of hats they have and the staff always says hi to him by name when ever we go in. If my hubby likes them (and beleive me he does not like much) they must be wonderful!

The Finish Line in Derry, NH


By Debbie P.

I went here on sunday to buy a pair of shoes and boy did they have a great selection. The boy that helped my kept getting me different shoes to try on until i found ones tht fit me. He was very helpful and there were lots of customers in the store.

The Finish Line in Chicago, IL


By Derek B.

I definitely love the level of professionalism that these guys have in this shop. They definitely are the type of people you would like to transact to.

The Finish Line in Mesquite, TX


By Joe H.

The finish line has a wide selection of footwear for the whole family. I have always been pleased with the service in this store as the attendants have always been helpful to find me the right shoe at a good price.

The Finish Line in Littleton, CO


By Dan K.

Finish Line at Park Meadows mall is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes. If I'm looking for running shoes or the new Jordan's, i know that Finish Line will have them in stock.

The Finish Line in Sugar Land, TX


By Linda R.

Andy carries all kind of equipment and apparel for Triathletes, Runners and Swimmers. I only wish he carried more than Asics shoes, because I can't run in them. His staff is very knowledgable and helpful and they are great at making special orders and calling you when your stuff arrives. They carry all sorts of accessories and fuel too.

The Finish Line in Las Vegas, NV


By sharon g.

This store is crap!!! My husband bought 2 pair of Nike shoes, one was defective and it was visibly defective and they would not take the shoe back. After dealing with the corp offices and ONLY after dealing w/the corp offices was I able to be resolution. But it took a month of constant calling with customer service promising calls back to me that never happened. DM Karen Harding NEVER called me once to address the issue with her store, Finishline at Town Square

The Finish Line in Plymouth Meeting, PA


By chablis w.

Finish line is a good place to find sneakers. they are not that expenceive and they have good deals on things. Like going there for the kids sneakers and the baby and the manager there is very nice every time that I go.

The Finish Line in Newark, AR


By Rosie T.

I love finish line because they always have sport things that I need and want. They have all types of shoes to choose from for almost every sport you can name. The are at a low value and they have great service. The staff is really friendly and they can recommend good brands and products for what you want. The store has a great supply of sporting equipment.

The Finish Line in Arlington, AL


By Michelle M.

I ran in this Finish Line while waiting for some friends. They had a nice selection of shoes for adults (not much for kids at all). The staff tried to be friendly with everyone, but it was just so busy. I left with no new shoes:(