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What Insiders are Saying about The Pantry

The Pantry in Walpole, MA


By John G.

The local community pantry here is a godsend to many people. The pantry always has large drives around the holidays when supplies are esepcially needed. They are very good about helping out whoever needs help. The volunteers who work for the pantry are very friendly and its a joy to donate to them. It's always a good idea to help those who are less fortunate and the Walpole Pantry makes that such a wonderful experience.

The Pantry in Hickory Hills, IL


By D K.

Very nice and clean location. You will find everything you will need here when you are heading out, or don't have time to visit a bigger grocery store. Prices are reasonable and there's lots of variety in the items they stock.

The Pantry in Pantego, NC


By Marty T.

Oh yum! I go here often because we love these cheesecakes. They have a nice variety and the prices are reasonable, too!

The Pantry in Boulder, CO


By M. R.

For me, Backpacker's Panty is an annual trip to buy my backpacking food. Love them and their products! How I do it is that I go to their website and order my products online. Then I call their phone number and arrange a pickup time. They manually go into the computer system and delete the shipping charge. I go and pickup at the arranged time and they meet me with a smile and my box all ready to go!

The Pantry in Livingston, AL


By John M.

I rate this about 3 times better than Calabria, although Calabria has Gluten Free pizza which is awesome. There is something about their sauce which always has such more depth and taste to it. Other pizzerias seem to have become factory like with no distinction. They do other things well like grilled chicken on focaccia bread.

The Pantry in Feasterville Trevose, PA


By Jim M.

Without a doubt the best Hoagies around. Anthony and the gang always make you feel that you are life long friends...even on your first trip there. Great meats, freshest rolls and specialty items not found elsewhere. The Very Best!

The Pantry in Seattle, WA


By Robin L.

I was celebrating my 50th birthday in February. I decided on a Hawaiian theme for my party. The Herban Feast showed up with beautiful accessories and staged my party outside on my deck in 32 degree weather along with a full service bar. It was so cold outside the bartender came inside and took drink orders from my guests to help keep them warm! The food was delicous, with prawns to die for and the Poki was fabulous survived on crisp won tons. Both servers did a superb job! I can't wait to have my next catered affair by the Herban Feast!

The Pantry in Queenstown, MD


By Michael E.

this is a small deli located right in downtown Queenstown. There are a few tables to sit down and eat. This place by far has the best subs around, their chicken cheesteak is the best that I have ever had! Call ahead durning lunch because they get busy.

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